Here we are, leaving 2014 with its ups and downs and entering the 2015, with our hearts filled with desires and hopes for better, normality and steadiness…

We ended a really difficult 2014, with lots of incidents, tension and uncertainty, but it was a year when we kept our word and the quality of our publication and the high standards of the events, very successful and very much striven by others, who had no scruples to imitate them in the end.

The last year brought us a well-deserved higher value, albeit it was strenuous; we concluded strategic partnerships with the authorities (The National Authority for the Consumer Protection and the National Gambling Office) for our events.

Since we are the only publication in this industry in this position, we were invited to be partners to a larger range of events, both national and international, as well as freshman dance shows, painting exhibitions, rally raids of luxury cars, drift championships and MMA galas, during which we attracted more permanent partners and readers.

All the above have been possible thanks to an uninterrupted and stellar activity, which brought us a wonderful number of 10,000 Facebook followers, a site that perfectly reflects the popularity of any publication.

The end of the year gratified us as we were invited to be the only media partners from Romania to one of the largest international exhibitions in the gaming industry.

Should we add the fact that we have been holding this position for some years now to the International Gaming Awards, it becomes obvious the prestige that our publication enjoys.
The year that has just ended was agitated, mostly towards its final, for the industry that we represent – gambling industry – but we are still hopeful when looking at the coming year…

The year of 2015 or the Year of the Wood Goat, according to the Chinese zodiac, is said to be positive. From our seat of trendsetters, we promise that we will keep our standard high and bring you new products and never-seen events, all meant to increase the reputation of this industry and cast a favorable light upon the gambling industry, so much criticized lately.
We wish for you and for ourselves that the year of 2015, the Year of Light, be a special time for everyone involved, either operators, manufacturers, regulation authorities, readers or even the duplicators.
As the Light shines in the dark and the darkness has not defeated it, may the same thing happen with the industry that must conquer the legislative jungle and be able to gain stability and calm down, while following its upward course, for the benefit of everyone in this industry…

Casino Life & Business Magazine, the first publication of the gambling industry in Romania, wishes you a REMARKABLE new year and… Happy New Year!

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