Five years together

In June, our magazine ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ will hit the stands. This year, we are turning five years of our life, a time when quality has been our top priority, our topics of the largest interest, never talked about in our country. We were the first to publish the first glossy magazine about gambling, the first to award the annual prizes in the Romanian gambling industry, the first to put together an international mega-event, to organize a super-beauty pageant that full proved that the Romanian girls both have the looks and the wits.

We have made personalities in the Romanian society open up to us, have always been trustworthy partners of main sport and culture Romanian events, which we support 100%. We have achieved many important things and we make you a promise to bring you projects as ‚premieres’ to please you entirely.

In 2007, our magazine ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ was launched to be the first Romanian publication exclusively meant for the gambling events. It was warmly welcomed, touching the hearts of our readers, be they in the gambling sector or simple players or only gambling devotees. Since the first issue was out, we have been real path breakers – along the way, there have been many immitators of what we are doing – in vain, though. The fact that we clicked with the public right away comes from the quality of information, exclusive events being presented and the remarkable personalities who were hosted in the pages of your favorite publication.

New projects

This month we celebrate our 30th issue – and we are not going to do it any how, but with projects to truly surprise and satisfy you. Starting with this issue, our magazine will make a significant jump, turning into a monthly publication.

Big names for our pages

Ever since our beginnings, we stood under the sign of quality and excellency. This is the real reason why influential names in the Romanian society elite have accepted, without second thoughts, to either be on the cover or inside the magazine. The list includes, but is not limited to the great boxing champion Lucian Bute, Ludovic Orban, former minister of transportation and President of Bridge Federation, Sorin Constanstinescu, President of the Association of Casinos Organizers in Romania, Eduard Irimia, K1 promoter, the famous fashion designer Cătălin Botezatu, actor and singer Liviu Vărciu, the stars Roxana Nemeş, Cristina Rus, Cosmina Păsărin and many others. We have taken exclusive interviews from beauties in the Romanian showbiz, such as Nicoleta Luciu, Andreea Bălan or Dana Săvuică. For the pictorials that your eyes feasted on, we have selected girls from the casinos who are not modelling professionals – but who proved they can handle this task wonderfully – and also more experienced stars, like Crina Matei, Mădălina Radu, Nicoleta Luciu, Roxana Nemeş or Mădălina Pamfile.

Short background

No matter the time or times, our publication ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ has never waived from quality. And even more, we have involved ourselves in various activities, while being reliable media partners for some of the most important fashionable and sport events. Our goal has always been new, never-seen projects. Thus, in November 2008, we had the first edition of the Gala of Awarding the Annual Prizes of the ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’. This inagural Gala was a real treat of music and magic, broadcast live on the internet (another premiere!) – the first gambling-related event ever broadcast live in Romania. Our publication travels to 28 countries and is a media partner to most luxury and gambling events in the country and abroad. We are the official partners of the Romanian Federations of Basketball, Boxing and Yachting, of the General Anti-corruption Department; we also support culture, as partners of the Metropolis Theatre and of the National Opera in Bucharest. We have sponsored the Baschet Club ’97 team, who won the national champion of juniors in the ‚Under 16’ category in 2008. We are also media partners to various fairs and international events with a rich tradition, a thing that is our greatest pride.

Awards of Excellency

Since 2008, the ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards of Excellency have become one of the most expected and stylish events of the year, where great personalities in Romania are being rewarded. We are the ones who organized the first round table in 2007, with the help of the Association of Casinos Organizers in Romania, with The Money Chanel as the media partner. During the first debate ‚The industry of casinos. Legal Incongruities in the single market’, there have been brought about current and hot issues in the gambling sector, a premier in itself. Similarly, ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ has promoted, along the years, not only the beauty but the intelligence of the Romanian women by organizing the Miss Hostess contests. Here, we have selected the most sensual and smartest girls to represent Romania in the Miss Hostess European competition. Each pageant was a real show and Liviu Varciu, our local Don Juan, entertained everyone present. The selections around the country enjoyed much success among both the ladies in the contest and also the audience.

Absolute premieres in Romania

We are looking back with pride and have all the reasons for that. This year, we are coming to you, the readers and gambling experts, with projects nobody heard about before now. One of our initiatives was the organization of the first edition of the Romanian Gambling Conference, with guests from the country and abroad. One of the main achievements of this Bucharest conference was the adoption of a resolution that aims to a quick improvement of the activity in the gambling industry in our country, to avoid layoffs in this sector and increasing the money collections and to a better cooperation between the gambling operators and the authorities, with mutual benefits. Likewise, our publication ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ – came with another initiative for the local gambling industry – to offer the Winner Bracelet to the poker player who will win at Romania Masters of Poker.

The only magazine in the hotel rooms

The printed version of our publication can be read, unabridged, on the internet. For those who want to have the printed edition, this can be ordered and it will be delivered home. Our magazine is the only to be found in the hotel rooms. Also, it is available in trains, planes, taxis and limos and in other many places.

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