Since Casino Life & Business Magazine (CL&BM) have been granted The Best Regional iGaming Magazine last September, in Budapest, started to be more and more involved in the regional gaming activity.

Casino Life & Business Magazine gathered a large database from regional entities such as manufacturers, service providers, consultants and so on, database that will be asked to grand on annual bases, the regional awards.

The Casino Life & Business Magazine International Awards are the only casino industry’s regional awards for technology, products and services that enhance the gaming experience.
The honors are designed to recognize and encourage innovation and technology in the rapidly changing gaming/gambling industry.

Winners of the Casino Life & Business Magazine Int’l Awards 2016 will be announced at ICE 2017 London UK. The granting ceremony will take place at the recipient’s booth. The recipient can invite whoever considers should be fit.

This year’s awards are at the following categories:
Best online content provider
In the increasing wave of the online gaming the content is very important. It could be sports betting, online casino, skills gaming or other online experience.

Best slot machines manufacturer
The popularity of a certain manufacturer is to be awarded with this honors. The only condition is to be a slot machines manufacturer.

Best monitoring system
This category describes a technology that makes the monitoring job easier and more efficient.

Best slot product
This product is the readers favorite new slot product. It can be a brand new game or a traditional game that has been updated within the past 12 months.

Best csr involvement
The importance of CSR in the gaming industry is very well- known. The one which is investing most in this meter has to be awarded.


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