Performanțe Increasing traffic

Increasing traffic performance, measured by international monitors, for all our media channels.

We continue to be the best and proof of that is the statistics of the most popular international traffic monitor –

Thus, in the week of November 7-14, the following data were recorded, data that speak for themselves about our performances.

The number of unique hourly visitors leads, by extrapolation, to a number of 44,525 unique visitors in 30 days, which clearly distances us from other niche news websites, and even from some specialized websites.

At the same time, social media channels have grown by significant numbers.
# Casino Online – 42.7K members
# Events in Bucharest – 23.3 K members

The existing Casino Life & Business Magazine TV channel on YouTube exceeded 800 subscribers, with existing films being watched for 250.96 hours in October, according to data provided by Google Analytics.

In the same time, we are selected în the top 5 world gambling magazines în 7 out of 10 international rankings.

The increases are evident in all chapters, which obliges us even more.

We will continue to keep you updated with the latest news from the gambling industry both in Romania and around the world and… expect some surprises soon.

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