Ediția 125/iulie The 125/July edition

The 125/July edition of Casino Life & Business Magazine, a new 100% online edition, has been posted and open to readers since Monday.

As with every edition, whether print or online, the magazine opens with a VIP interview, which this time is dedicated to the founder of the most successful event location in Romania. We named here Nicușor Stan the founder of Ambasad’Or Events from Otopeni.

Also the July edition has a rich and exciting content, dedicated to all those who are in one way or another caught up in the gaming industry.
Thus, the traditional sections dedicated to legislative novelties in the field, good industry practices during this period, data protection or responsible gaming add a new chapter dedicated to cyber security – a very up to date topic.

Postponing this year’s edition of the traditional fair dedicated to the industry, Entertainment Arena Expo also has a dedicated place in the summary of the eMagazine in July.

From the category of articles dedicated to business, the 125th edition includes the offer of CT Gaming, but also of DGL PRO.

For those who want to be up to date with all the trends being discussed in the post-COVID-19 era, our partner DD Consultus presents important arguments for the eternal debate Land-Based vs. Online and Login Casino brings an interesting article about industry trends until 2025.

The international life of gambling is brought to the readers’ notice in the article dedicated to the opening of the casinos in Atlantic City, but also through the short news column whose headline is the postponement of the famous ICE London fair from February to April 2021.

The current stage of the works at the Casino Constanta, the horoscope of the period, but also the column with the mention of the partners, complete the useful summary for all the tastes of this holiday edition.

We invite you to read and enjoy the 125/July edition of Casino Life & Business Magazine, a 100% online edition, whether you are at work, on the road or on a well-deserved holiday!

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