The direction towards social responsibility and self-regulation

FEDBET develops the Code of Ethics, Good Practices and Communication of the gambling industry.

Open invitation to associations and operators


FEDBET – The Federation of Gambling Operators is working on a Gambling Industry Code of Ethics, Best Practices and Communication. This Code will represent a set of self-regulatory rules regarding commercial communication in the field of gambling, but also standards regarding operational practices. All gambling associations and organizers operating in Romania have been invited to adhere to this Code and adjust their commercial practices according to the rules to be agreed, to ensure that gambling is promoted in an ethical manner, consumed responsibly and perceived correctly.

The gambling industry has seen significant growth in recent decades, becoming an integral part of the entertainment landscape and global economy. However, such growth also brings new challenges, especially in terms of how this industry is communicated and promoted to the general public and subsequently perceived. In this context, the development of a Code of Ethics, Good Practices and Communication represents an imperatively necessary initiative for the gambling industry in Romania, to ensure that gambling is presented and promoted in an ethical, transparent, correctly perceived manner, as a recreational activity and consumed responsibly.

The code that FEDBET will develop involves a set of self-regulatory rules regarding operational practices, on all types of gambling, as well as commercial communication, with the aim of providing clear and ethical direction for operators in the gambling industry, so that they can communicate their products and services correctly and responsibly.

The main objectives of the Code are: protecting the player’s interests from the perspective of commercial communication, the organization and exploitation of gambling as provided by law, as well as the excessive practice of gambling; protecting the general public interest against possible negative consequences of gambling communication; ensuring the necessary framework for fair competition on the market.

All representative associations, including those not affiliated with FEDBET, as well as gambling organizers who are not part of an association and operate in Romania, have already been invited to adhere to this Code and to form a group of work made up of specialists in several areas (marketing, legal, operational), to propose and subsequently approve the adjustment of practices according to the rules self-imposed by this Code.

The code will include definitions, general applicable principles, rules for operational practices, divided by different types of gambling activities (landbased, online, slots, bets, etc.), rules regarding communication to the public and procedures to be followed in case of violations or slippages.

Regarding the operational practices, the Code will consider, for example, reducing the visibility of the domain, additional measures to prevent access to gambling by minors, undertaking the development/participation in training for staff in the rooms to manage risk situations, ensuring information and measures to prevent addiction among players, as well as tools to help those who are already experiencing such problems.

Regarding the commercial practices, the Code will include rules regarding the basic principles in the communication of this field (compliance with the legislation in force, messages, target, frequency, broadcasting, invitation to play, promotion of bonuses, prizes, etc.), encouraging responsible consumption, promoting the principles of social responsability.

Among the criteria established in this Code will also be found:

Protection of minors: Additional measures to prevent minors from accessing gambling and to protect this vulnerable category from exposure to inappropriate content.

Promoting responsible gambling: Operators must promote responsible gambling and provide access to resources and specialist support for people who develop problem gambling.

Transparency and honesty: Commercial communications will be transparent, honest and provide accurate information about the risks associated with gambling.

There have been a series of meetings between FEDBET representatives, associations and operators during which proposals and ideas for drafting the Code have been advanced, and the document is in an advanced phase of elaboration. The launch of the Code will take place in September of this year, in a public event, to which all signatories will be invited to participate.

“The self-regulation we want must strike a balance between consumer choice, the enjoyment gambling can bring on the one hand, and the risks gambling poses to some consumers and to society in general. It is not an easy balance to achieve. Public trust in gambling has declined in recent years, there is significant public concern about the visibility of gambling and the impact it can have on children, young people and other vulnerable people. Although gambling is a legal activity, the perception of this area is negative, or if we do not work to improve this aspect, it is very difficult to believe that we will be treated differently by society and regulatory authorities. It is essential that all operators take responsibility for communicating fairly and transparently. As the industry’s leading representative body, we have a statutory and moral duty to ensure that our members’ gambling and practices are fully consistent with the principles of social responsibility and consumer protection. Let’s make sure that gambling is conducted in a fair and transparent way and that we protect children and vulnerable people from the negative effects that gambling can have. These objectives are the basis of the self-regulatory framework that we want through this Code and, therefore, we consider it important that the entire gambling industry in Romania joins us and undertakes them in a voluntary way”. claims Vlad Soare, president of FEDBET – Federation of Gambling Organizers.

The voluntary commitment of each gambling operator to comply with the principles stated above is a concrete proof of the responsibility, the involvement of the companies and the maturing of this field. The long-term sustainability of the gambling industry can only be ensured by truly demonstrating an interest in social responsibility.

The industry is making efforts in this direction, most operators have adhered to the concept and principles of responsible gaming, and the proof is the Responsible Gambling Association and the programs it runs. In fact, since 2016, when the Responsible Gambling Association was only a program to prevent and treat problems caused by excessive gaming, the industry, through the most important professional associations, has developed a set of principles to ensure the development of industry in harmony with society. Principles that the National Gambling Office supported and promoted including on the institution’s website.

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