The diary of a Bookmaker


by George Radu


The last seven years as a bookmaker at Get’s Bet have just passed in a moment, a moment in which passion is bind with work.

In this new article we will continue with the less known disclosures behind the odds and we will make some interesting charts.
In our job, the deadline for completing the daily offer or the hours required for the export of the offer to the agents is daily duties. As any bettor is aware of, at 10:00 am when most of the agencies open, the betting offer must already be displayed on the board. At sunrise, we get to the office and all bookmakers take on their responsibilities, each of us knowing very well which their “slice” to deal with is. Teamwork is essential and must be managed well so that at 9:30 the betting offer is ready, verified and complete.

After 10:00 am, tickets will begin to be licensed, because another extremely important responsibility for bookmakers is to check the tickets that meet the allowed conditions (very high stakes, excessive repeated tickets etc.).
Besides the basic concern – sports betting, the bookmakers’ department also takes care of both international and virtual lottery bets.

As in any other business, we also have lighter times, especially in the summer when most football championships are over, or during the winter when they enter the break.
The last seven years as a bookmaker at Get’s Bet seemed to have just passed in a moment, a moment in which passion is bind with work.

It is fascinating to follow the sports and the people interested in the phenomenon, people whom, depending on their behavior as bettors, I could divide into seven categories, obviously subjective.
The first type of customer is the one who plays 3-4 matches (big favorites of the day) with a fairly large stake, the so-called “safety” ticket.
The next classic client would be the one who, with a small stake of 1 or 2 lei, wants to get rich, putting 30 matches on the ticket and having the maximum win.

The third type of customer is focused on sports other than football, with only tennis, total points on basketball or hockey.
As in any other field also in sports betting, errors can be made, meaning that the customer who wants to win on the wrong odds or a match that has already started.

The last in the top I would put that betting player who plays complex tickets with 7-15 matches on the ticket, a stake between 30 and 100 lei and many types of bet (GG3+, 1 & P2.5, PSF2, GGPR etc)

Below I will present you the percentage of the most played bet types in 2018:
n football – Final score 39.48%
n football – Total Goals 20.97%
n football – score 11.49%
n football – halftime or full time 5.51%
n football – Double Chance and Goals 3.75%
n and tennis – full time 3.12%.

This statistic is not surprising at all if we look carefully at the agenda of the passionate sportsman and the television program.
As you can very well see, tennis is the only sport that sneaks past football in the top 10 of most bet types. Basketball, handball or hockey are placed after the 20th place in the chart, with a percentage below 1% of the total number of tickets played. The conclusion that we can draw from the aforementioned is that Romanian bettors are passionate about football and from time to time a tennis match catches their attention.

With such a great experience in betting, three months ago, Get’s Bet decided to step into the vast online betting industry.
With one of the best online platforms with betting types found in few other bookmakers, with the ability to deposit and withdraw money from our agencies and with great bonuses, Get’s Bet announces to be one of the most strong and successful online bookmakers.
In Romania and especially at Get’s Bet, we try to keep all the matches of maximum interest with high odds substantially higher than the European average. For example, if all European bookmakers have average odds of 1.45 to win for Simona Halep, Get’s Bet also offers 0.05 more, up to 1.50.

We are emotional people, or at least, more emotional than the nations of western and northern Europe, therefore the interest in Miss Halep matches comes with a consistent dose of patriotic optimism, optimism that destroys many good tickets.
What we have seen in so many years of experience in this area is that the Romanians, besides the bigger championships, such as Italy, Spain, France, England and Germany, really like to bet on our national championship in League 1, of which the most favored team is by far FCSB, with an unparalleled percentage.
In this job you have to work only out of passion because most of the time you do not have holidays or weekends with your family or friends, these being the busiest times in a bookmaker’s life. While many of my friends are waiting for summer to enjoy holidays, us, bookmakers, look forward to the start of the world championship in Russia.

When you are passionate about sports, as we all are at Get’s Bet, this job will look like a beautiful and unexpected activity.
The same as in the previous editions, we will continue with revelations and many new details in the future issues of the magazine.