The fifth leg of the PokerFest three season took place at the seaside – an event where our publication, ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ is a media partner. The tournament cup was taken home by Teodor Gheoarca.

The live poker tournament was hosted by Golden Tulip Hotel, between 16 and 21 of June. Similar to last year, PokerFest Mamaia was one of the most popular events of the circuit, thanks to the fact that happened to be in the most visited Romanian resort. Thus, Mamaia set up a record in terms of participants, namely 280.

EUR35,820 for the champ

A player at his first participation in the PokerFest event succeeded the performance to win the seaside tournament, which meant a substantial prize of EUR35,820. The next two were Gabriel Popescu, who left home 25,350 euros richer and Dany Parlafes who also cashed in a generous amount of money. Teodor Gheoarca had the luck on his side during the final table, as he was dealt premium cards – aces, kings and queens (twice). Plus, he won massive pots when reaching the showdown.

For the Side Event Second Chance in Mamaia, the great player Sinel Anton was crowned the winner. His success was so much cherished that he secured his first place on his birthday on June 21.

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