Thousands of pounds risked on roulette

Inaki Urdangarin spent some time with a female companion at a gambling place in Britain, while his wide was attending a tribute ceremony for her grandfather, Juan de Borbon.

According to the Spanish media, Inaki Urdangarin, Duke of Palma, wasted thousands of pounds in a high-end casino in London – Aspinalls, in Mayfair district. The former handball player went gambling in London, while his wife, Infanta Cristina, participated in an event dedicated to Juan de Borbon, the father of Spanish King Juan Carlos and her grandfather.

No tips

On June 20, Duke of Palma arrived at the Casino late at night, along with a female companion and two bodyguards. Even though the London casino makes available private booths for clients in need of more privacy, Inaki Urdangarin chose the main room where he played several thousands of pounds on roulette. He won nothing. Moreover, he left no tips to the casino employees or croupiers, as gamblers usually do. People say that Duke of Palma is no first timer to this location, as he used to visit there with a former associatee, Diego Torres. The Royal House denied any comments. Inaki Urdangarin’s attorney stated that Duke of Palma spent June 20 in Barcelona and did not go gambling in London.


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