The game is something very basic, but gaming is yet the unexplored giant.

Hello and thank you for accepting to answer to our questions.
So, let’s start with the first question:

➤When did you have the first contact with the gaming sector?
During my university studies, I was supposed to make a project in company management while passing a compulsory internship in a company with a core business in services. It was a good opportunity to get some practical experience and apply my theoretical knowledge accumulated during my studies in such an upscale specialty like Industrial Management, adopted by the Technical University in Sofia following the trends of the most prestigious European education systems. There was an announcement in the newspaper for an administrative position in a gaming company and I decided to try, because it sounded very intriguing and I was really curious to learn more about this type of business. This is how I entered the gaming world and have found it very fascinating for many years now.

➤Why did you choose to develop a career in this field?
At the time I started my professional career, the economic situation in Bulgaria was very complicated due to the effect of the unstable political environment , very high unemployment rate, low remuneration rates and extremely high levels of devaluation of the local currency which let almost everybody to work hard to keep the relationships with the employers as well as to self-educate and increase competences , so can perform better and better at his position. Having my internship in a gaming company opened the door to understanding the products, basic gaming principles and theories, business and market environment. I had found that majority of my university classes and specializations can be immediately deployed in field which gave me a certain advantage and confidence that I could progress in the sector and upgrade my professional skills in a dynamic sphere, embracing the contemporary milestones of the business like product development, marketing, industrial management, customer care and services, budgeting and planning.

➤ What do you like most in this business?
The endless synergy of the oldest human affinity to play and the dizzying evolution of the high-edge technology. The game is the best tool to feel with your human senses the enjoyment of the game adrenaline and the immersion into live images, sounds, interaction and socializing delivered without boundaries by the latest technology. The more features are added to a game, the more spectacular and mighty are the technological innovations dedicated to accomplishment of the highest satisfaction, play facilitation and players connectivity. It is truly amazing to become a witness of such an exciting journey of the human entertainment allowing people to have fun from distance, to select and navigate their favorite games at a glance, to share game emotions with others, to explore new, virtual game worlds and find a satisfaction, relax and joy. Having said that, the game is something very basic, but gaming is yet the unexplored giant.


➤How can you mix business with your private life?
I love both my family and my job and cannot afford one or another to be left behind. I am trying to be much disciplined in all my doings, devoting my full attention to the details and primarily in communication with people. I am very active person and usually always in motion – pursuing my goals, following the commitments I have made , accomplishing my daily tasks, meeting people, caring about my family, planning my next objectives, but definitely first and most important is to respect people around me and to deliver satisfaction both to me and them.

➤Which do you think is the most important achievement up to now?
Well, this is difficult to assess from one aspect only … I do believe that people who know me can tell better, but one of the most important achievements I think is the fact, that I have preserved and obeyed the moral and ethical values inherited from my parents, because I am sure this matters . Now I am trying to transfer these values to my children as well. Being many years in the gaming business has given me the chance to meet and know many people with different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds and social statuses and at various hierarchy levels including such remarkable characters who shape the business, influence and inspire innovations, create and define new standards or pack knowledge . Having said that, I assume that any relationship is based exactly on the image we create in the heads of others, because ethics is an analytical methodology, while morality is a personal code.

➤Which is the product that you like most?
There are so many products that had won my admires, either because of its everlasting concept or the creative approach to deliver game excitement or the innovative features that let you play again and again. Such products are amid the NOVOMATIC’s bestsellers and possess an unique IP with an industry longevity and added value, both for the players and operators, which would remain state-of-art products for ever. Anyway , living in the era of the technology brings up the importance of the accessibility of products and this is what I am kindled for – the omni-channel solution in gaming, which is changing the life of people and transfers the players emotions to a new dimension. The omni-channel technology is designed to deliver entertainment at arm’s length, gives a choice for the consumers like no other does while developing all of the gaming sectors to the next level of multitude offerings just by couple of clicks. NOVOMATIC introduced its proprietary omni-channel solution with the clear vision to serve the customers and players with the excellence of the most popular titles, concepts and games now available for both for the land-based and the emerging interactive sectors.


➤Being with one of the most important gaming companies in the world is an advantage?
Definitely, NOVOMATIC is the ultimate, European based trend-setter in gaming and is one of the world gaming leaders which has established its core business with a future-proof strategy, consistency and vision. The biggest advantage is the long term industry experience, knowledge and leadership that imply a commitment to deliver a complexity of products, platforms and services for the gaming industry. This is the most convincing sales pitch and unrepeatable warranty for the existence of an added value for each product or service being released by us.

➤How does this influence the new customers/old customers?
NOVOMATIC means stability, reliability and future which is the solid foundation for an establishment of relationships with customers, who nowadays are expecting for more than a simple supplier-customer relation. The global reputation of the NOVOMATIC group and the vision of the management are to deliver a winning technology, which apparently is being proved every single day.

➤Is this gaming event from Bulgaria meaning more for you in comparison with the other similar events?
The Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition is the major industry event for our region comprising of the most developed and progressing markets in Europe like Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece and others. The geopolitical position of Bulgaria imposes the significance of the gaming industry aligned with the tourism, which is one of the economic sectors on focus. From other side, the favorable tax system and maturity of the Gaming Law in Bulgaria launched a positive macro climate for consistent investments in the sector, which had leaded to the concentration of a number of production and operation facilities both for the land based and interactive gaming segments. Undoubtedly, leading market positions of NOVOMATIC in its core markets in Europe and the region is a result of the restless efforts of the teams of experts and employees listening to the customers preferences, studying the market dynamics and trends, understanding the legal environment and analyzing the Key performance indicators , which then are being transformed into competitive technological solutions, authentic products and marketing strategy, tailored to each specific market. Therefore, NOVOMATIC’s participation in the all industry events and particularly in the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition contributes to the improved communication with the customers in the region and sends our clear messages to the business subjects in the sector.

➤Which are your future plans for both in business and in your private life?
I am proud to be a team member of Europe´s Number 1 in high-tech Gaming Technology and my plan includes predominantly a hard work for achievement of the corporate’s goals and targets while satisfying customer demands and needs. This plan is both challenging and bearing big responsibility for me, but would be worthy and satisfactory as soon as I succeed to transform my inspiration and dedication into real achievements for the company.

Thank you and good luck!

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