Mihai Mavromalide, General Manager
➤ It is your fourth year of attending the Entertainment Arena Expo. What expectations do you have for this event?

Syswin Solutions has enjoyed a steady, noticeable evolution from year to year in the past few years, and part of this success is also due to the Entertainment Arena Expo event.
We take this opportunity to present up-to-date and innovative gambling solutions that we developed and produced in house in Romania, which makes them more affordable from a financial point of view.
➤ You coordinate a large team of engineers, programmers, researchers, and students. What is the most difficult task for a general manager?
Since September 2016 we have been working on a project funded by the EU, which has also marked the expansion of the team. I can say with confidence that each member is valuable, given that we pay particular attention to the recruitment process. I cannot say that there are difficult tasks because Syswin Solutions employees work effectively both individually and in a team to achieve the best results. But if you want to position yourself among the best, challenges come at every step, and for us, it is essential to channel resources to customer needs, keep up with competition, and give the team the opportunity to show how capable they are.
➤ How do you appreciate the evolution of the company, which during this past has developed on all levels?
Since its early months, Syswin Solutions has been on an upward trend, but lately, we’ve been able to improve service quality and penetrate emerging markets. Besides the gambling business, which we have been doing for four years with success, the company has developed into other industries, offering customizable and performing solutions in areas such as smart city, smart air, smart building, smart agriculture, etc.
➤ What plans does Syswin Solutions have?
As a result of the projects that we have carried out, I have found that many aspects vary, but one thing remains constant, namely that the innovation factor would be nonexistent without the input of the team. Consequently, we invest in people, not only in technology.

Alexandru Ciutan, Regional Sales Manager
➤ What kind of solutions do you offer to your customers?

The complete Smart Gaming solution includes advanced real-time business monitoring and control systems, centralized management systems, voucher system & cashless operations, and marketing tools such as Jackpot, raffle cards, and loyalty card systems. We tailor our solutions to specific customer preferences, which has helped us diversify our portfolio both on the Romanian market and internationally.
Through the wide range of products and services we offer, as well as through the professionalism of our team, we can create added value for our customers and develop long-lasting business relationships.
➤ How much does the team count in the sales process?
Being among the newest members of the team, I can say I was pleasantly impressed by the professionalism and dedication of all those involved.
Each team member has a significant role, and together we manage to provide the best solutions for our customers.
Without programmers and engineers, there would be no end product, just as without the technical support team and sales team we could not help customers promptly.

➤ What happens after the sale?
Within our company, we give great importance to the after-sales process. Thus, we provide technical support for all of our Smart Gaming solutions, and our customers are encouraged to provide feedback and inform us about the challenges they face in their day-to-day work.
We also continually seek to improve our solutions based on the suggestions received from our customers, thus addressing their needs with every update we make to our interfaces.
➤ How do you differentiate yourselves from the competition?
For Syswin Solutions team, there are no problems, only solutions. Although it sounds like a slogan, this is the vision of the company. All products are made in-house, from the concept stage to the final stage, which gives us complete control over the entire process. At the same time, in the course of developing a new product, we use the latest technology available and adapt to market requirements and trends as well as to the specific needs of each customer.

Paul Raetchi, Chief Solutions Engineer
➤ What was your professional path before joining Syswin Solutions?

I have worked in various technical fields (banking, support, web and embedded applications) which were extremely useful because they prepared me in advance for the work I’m currently doing in the company.

➤ Please tell us a little about your team.
For me and those I coordinate, failure is not a viable option. Together we manage to find solutions to the various customer demands and develop complete and complex products in less time than before..
➤ What challenges have you encountered so far?
The biggest challenge was to foresee certain predefined scenarios of applications that even customers could not identify.

Andra Iordache, Junior Programmer:
➤ You are part of a team of programmers. Can you give some details about the project you are involved in?

The project we are working on is the development of the new Syswin Solutions – Smart Play & Cash product.
It is an ATM dedicated to gaming halls and casinos that we integrated with existing solutions. Thus, users will be able to enter the tickets generated by gambling, and the ATM will release the appropriate amount of money.
This ATM has multiple functions: It replaces the operators who issue the prize, it provides increased payment security, it centralizes information about the state of the ATM (total amount released, the number of remaining bills, the number of tickets accepted) and notifies the operator when it is necessary to refuel the ATM.

➤ Tell us a little about the role of everyone in the team.
The team consists of 10 programmers and four coordinators.
Our supervisors, including Paul, give us different tasks, teamwork being an important part of the project. By having daily meetings and by using dedicated applications, we manage to communicate and coordinate our work efficiently.
➤ How would you describe the work experience you had with Syswin Solutions?
It is a unique experience. Both myself and my colleagues have been given the opportunity to get involved in developing a complete solution where the guidance from our mentors proactive, thus contributing to the development of the skills and knowledge needed in the field.

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