What results will appear after this 11th edition of the EAE we will see in a little while, but here are the expectations of some of the outstanding representatives of the gaming industry in Romania, who have kindly answered the following question: “What do you think the 11th edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo will bring new to the industry? “
We mention that the order of the answers is that of the moment they came to our editorial office.

Dan Iliovici, President of the National Gambling Office
Entertainment Arena Expo 2017 is a major event for the gambling industry in our country, as demonstrated by previous editions, which are on a permanent upward trend.

For the National Gambling Office as well as for the other participants, it will surely be an opportunity to learn the latest gambling news and to connect with operators, gaming manufacturers, companies specialized in various services related to this industry. It will be an opportunity to learn directly from those involved in the field about the problems they are facing, possible proposals to improve the business climate and, why not, what the Office can do for the good sake of our industry.
We wish the best of luck to all participants at the Entertainment Arena Expo 2017!

Mihnea Popescu-Grisogono, President of Casino Life & Business Magazine
Casino Life & Business Magazine has been supporting Entertainment Arena Expo, as media partner, since the first edition of the fair and will do so this year as well. We will also be present at this edition and we will provide help as usual to produce a schedule for the event that will prove useful to all those present. The same as we did during the last five years, we will organize the “Exact Time in Gambling” free of charge seminar, as well as the “Welcome cocktail” during the first day.
I expect to have a much larger number of participants, compared to last year’s number, in the two events we created during the E-Arena, which will reflect the real potential of this industry.

I believe that the Romanian gambling market has reached a sufficiently high degree of maturity so that this 11th edition of E-Arena can reflect it in its true value.
At the same time, I expect to see, in addition to the new slot machines or other systems, what the online gambling market brings new to the table. Even if I am a land-based gambling enthusiast,
I have to admit the force with which online gambling takes on more and more ground.
So, good luck to everyone, organizers, exhibitors or visitors!

Valentin Adrian Georgescu, CEO of NOVOMATIC Romania
NOVOMATIC is a constantly developing group of companies and innovations make a real difference in games, offering integrated product and service complexity, both for the B2B and B2C segment. Our best-selling collections of games are favorite for millions of fans globally, and in Romania they continue to be the first choice of entertainment for over two decades.

Entertainment Arena Expo is undoubtedly the most important annual event of the gaming industry in our country. For NOVOMATIC Romania, the presence at this exhibition, which brings together the largest manufacturers, distributors and industry decision makers, has always created a perfect professional framework to present the top innovations of the group.
This year also, at the 11th edition of E-Arena, NOVOMATIC Romania team is pleased to welcome you at the stand # 201 and to present you the news dedicated to the success of all our collaborators.

Cristian Pascu, Executive President of AOPJNR

E-arena is already established as a Romanian event addressed to the international gambling industry. It is not only an exhibition of equipment with the specific competition, it is also an opportunity for an annual meeting of the industry actors for the necessary exchange of ideas and information regarding the business environment both technically and legally, discussing the present regarding the past but also the future As much as it can be predictable and predictable for a particular sector of activity. The E-arena has become an opportunity for presence and networking among exhibitors, operators, associations, representatives of the ONJN in the country, but also with an ever more consistent international representation.

E-Arena is on the good path of the world leader in the field, ICE-London, which says “if you are not present there it means you do not exist …”.
This year, the presence of acknowledged exhibitors on the domestic equipment market is announced, as well as the presence of new names, internationally recognized manufacturers, which are presenting for the first time their offer to slot machines operators licensed in Romania.
Certainly, the two market leaders we can name without any doubt, Novomatic and EGT, in direct competition to keep and gain new percentages of presence in the operator’s mix of devices, will show their up-to-date “muscles”; the beneficiaries of this competition are the operators but also the players who see themselves spoiled each year with increasingly spectacular devices.
I believe that this year will intensify the exposure and supply of fully-fledged AWPs operating in the country since last year with the full definition of their regulatory framework, thus a growing sector both from the point of view of manufacturing the equipment and their exploitation. Last, but not least, I would like to mention the much awaited “ The Exact Time in Gambling” seminar, interactive meeting opportunity and concrete occasion for discussions about the state and future of the industry between operators, associations, representatives of the ONJN. We are also expecting this year’s presentation of the “state of the nation” from the ONJN, with market statistics, actions taken and plans for the near or more distant future, which only shared to industry gains maximum relevance and utility the same as a daily “radiography”.
In conclusion, I would like to wish a great success for this year’s E-Arena, our association AOPJNR is a constant presence and a permanent supporter of this exhibition since the first edition; we would like to also thank the organizers for this annual event which is beneficial to our industry, organizers whose merit is widely appreciated.

Dan Alexandru Ghita, President of ROMBET

11 years have passed since the first edition of the E-Arena and the gaming industry in our country has made remarkable progress.
We have functional legislation; Lawmakers, operators and associations are working together for a steady development of the industry and big names in the international „landscape” are now looking towards Romania.

In September, some of them will be for the first time in our country, which unequivocally shows the interest of the big world companies in Romania.
It is a moment when both operators and service providers feel the need to reinvent themselves, to bring a new breath to their own businesses, and that’s exactly what we expect to see at this year’s E-Arena: innovation at its finest.

Dragos Buriu, CEO Slot Monitor SA – representative of the brand NEWTON SLOTS
EAE represents for NEWTON SLOTS an event worth mentioning in the calendar of the Romanian gambling industry. It is an important opportunity to reunite with partners all over the country, to develop new professional relationships with gaming organizers and to show that we are committed to continuously improving and developing NEWTON products.

The gambling industry is in continuous development, being closely linked to the progress of technology; producers and developers in the industry have to keep up the pace, so we are expecting a new breath from this 11th edition, we want to see innovations in the field, modern game platforms and high-tech solutions.
NEWTON SLOTS has prepared a new concept for this year’s stand and will focus on premium products: loyalty and promotion solutions, VIP All-In system, TITO system and the new „Contactless” version.
We want the organizers to understand that the adoption of such a solution can radically change the way they operate and their clients’ gaming behavior.
„Evolution” is the key word for operators who want a sustainable and profitable business, and NEWTON SLOTS always has the right solution for everyone. „

Marius Stoi, General Manager DGL PRO

We look forward to seeing as many of our customers as possible; to present them with the latest upgrades and to discuss the latest developed games.

We’re waiting for all of them with a surprise!

Sorin Constantinescu, President of PokerFest

We wish for it to be a larger exhibition than usual, with several exhibiting companies, with new products and new technologies. We want diversity!
At the same time, we want to see that emphasis is placed on addiction… like everywhere in the world. Here everybody talks, but nobody does anything. I would like to see an information stand that shows the operators how the programs work, how can troubled players be detected.

As for the slots, be it 3D, flat, with glasses or without, that they are with chips or cards, that you are sitting in the chair or on a stool, the market is overstated; For ten years nothing has changed, the actors are always the same
We want to see a clear trend towards responsible gaming, the talk should be over, and we’ve talked enough!

Andrei Frimescu, Game World Marketing Director
I think the 11th edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo will present some of the novelties from ICE London 2017, especially those that fit best the Romanian market.

In addition, I believe we will see more equipment manufacturers who have diversified their product portfolio and that the exhibition will mirror the tendency to offer the experience of integrated land-based, online and mobile gaming.
Anyway, I’m convinced that the EAE 2017 will be a far-reaching event, as was the evolution of the Romanian gambling market in recent years.

Valentina Dobre, General Manager Casino Technology Romania

Participating in EAE2017 gives us the opportunity to meet our customers, our partners, to develop and strengthen the relationships with them. At the same time, we expect as many visitors as possible and establishing as many contacts as possible with potential customers, during the event.

Casino Technology presents the products it will launch on the market this fall, the new EZ Modulo, Tower Slant Top, T3 Slant Top cabinets and more. We are preparing special offers for them, but also for the other products in the portfolio that we will be delighted to promote to those who visit us.
Personally, it will be a great opportunity to introduce myself to the industry as representative of Casino Technology. I take this opportunity to wish all the participants the best of luck!

Odeta Nestor, Chairman of the Association of Remote Gambling Organizers
The Entertainment Arena Expo 2017 is an exceptional event, as demonstrated by the 2014 edition so far, a good opportunity to exchange information and ideas between the participants, the economic operators present at the event, as well as for the players and authorities that can identify more easily the problems in the gambling field.
The gambling market in Romania is now mature, developed, but the world industry has a progressive development also, so we must always pay attention to the changes that have taken place, see if we can adapt them to the requirements of our market.

New regulations are mainly related to online gaming, but also in the land based field, efforts are made to keep up with the dynamics of new technologies. E-Arena Expo is an opportunity to discuss all these regulations or information so that we can build together with the National Gambling Office- as we built from 2013 until the beginning of this year – all the package of measures and regulations in field. Everybody’s interest is, in the end, to build a stable, regulated, transparent, and responsible business environment.
I have participated both as President of ONJN until this year and as President of the Association of Remote Gambling Organizers in many international events and I have noticed important innovations that we must adapt in Romania, to present and implement them. E-Arena is such an event, of international scale.

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