Stanleybet Group, international bookmaker with over 60 years of experience in the Gaming business, started to develop gaming products internally in 2014 with the aim of exploring new frontiers in Gaming and Entertainment.

Since 2014 with a team of more than 100 professionals Magellan Robotech became the division B2B of the Group dedicated to create highly custom-made solutions, entirely pinpointed to our players needs and, furthermore, compatible with the rules set forth by the Gambling Commissions of several Countries.
The company has been named after the explorer Ferdinando Magellan with the aim to inspire the internal team to passionately express their ideas and to drive them into a path of innovation.


Bespoken gaming solutions

Thanks to our bookmaking know-how and more than 60 years’ experience in the retail sector, at Stanleybet Group we have understood that the demands and needs of players themselves would have guided the internal innovation process. When we asked ourselves how to put the players at the center of our R&D strategy, Magellan Robotech was the answer.
Being a bookmaker/provider makes us dynamic and effective in attending to operators’ and players’ needs. Our products are created and developed with the guidance of our customers, who are instrumental in assisting our development team. This process allows us to identify and anticipate trends to explore as well as a player’s ‘must haves’ before they even exist.

Giovanni Garrisi, Owner

“Magellan Robotech produces and offers secure, functional and, above all, innovative gaming solutions to the sector. Many of Magellan’s projects offer a startlingly clear vision of the future and are incredibly innovative. I’m certain that in the months to come we’ll manage to implement our growth strategy for the Group and become a point of reference for the sector, in Europe and worldwide, drawing on the experience gained in recent years in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We had a very productive year; the Company has been short listed for the most prestigious gaming awards and we have recently won the CEEG award as “best lottery service provider” in 2019. Strategically, we are now very much focused on expanding the business internationally and with this in mind, we have recently built a commercial team based in Latin America and in Eastern Europe. All our solutions (betting platform, number games and virtual sports in single event mode) are today compliant with the local regulations and we are about to certify one of our most successful products, Trident Virtual Football League.

About new Magellan releases, the Company has recently unveiled at BOS in London “K1”, the first standalone terminal entirely produced in-house by MBK (Magellan betting Kiosk), Company a brand part of Stanleybet Group. The cabinet has been entirely designed and created by our internal team: this was crucial for us in order to launch a product at the highest standard of the market. K1 is solid, durable, eye catching, highly customisable and it goes on the market at a very competitive price. We will exhibit all our range of products at I-GAMING SIGMA in Malta 27-30 nov 2019.”

Petrica Soptelea Senior Sales & Account Manager, Magellan Robotech Eastern Europe

“In Romania, a mature and very competitive market, Westgate – part of one of the most respected group in the local industry, with over 20 years of experience, acquired the Stanleybet registered trademark. We are happy to provide them a full range of services starting with two Retail platforms, the Midas – touch and bet solution, Virtual products, Keno, Lotteries etc, while exploring further possibilities to add new products like our recently launched MBK (Self-service Betting Terminals) and newer Virtual products.
We are ready to add new Key Account customers by integrating our Virtual products on their existing platforms, various tests and negotiations being in progress.”



A football championship competition, this product is a breakthrough to the virtual games generation, available in many configurations, across 1 to 4 monitors.

The perfect combination between a flexible software and a large range of 3D virtual sports, including football matches, horseracing, greyhounds, motor sports, power bikes and speedway.

The most attractive lottery games on the market with engaging designs and fully customizable themes.


Midas – Touch&Bet
An intuitive, adaptable touch screen self-service betting system usable by customers and operators alike. Midas facilitates betting across all offer types, including sportsbook, live events, third party products and virtual games.

Apache – Retail Platform
A betting management system developed for the Retail market. Apache can be implemented in short time and it is very easy to use for the betting shop managers/operators. It enables the selection of a vast number of markets and predictions.

(Magellan Betting Kiosks)

K1 cabinet

K1, standalone betting terminal, combines an outstanding and exclusive design with a high standard default set of components, such as an industrial motherboard and 24” quality monitors, the new product is finished with durable materials and is also compatible with any Magellan product, becoming an end-to-end solution for any operator. As a standard, the cabinet comes out with a custom illuminated laser-cut logo, RGB LED lights and can be produced in endless colour combinations, so as to maximise the customer’s brand visibility. On top of the standard product line, K1 in presented in a range of luxury options to choose from, like the finest metallic paint or the pull-out shelf.

Virtual trident key facts
Virtual football TRIDENT has been the most successful result for the Company, an incredible adventure for the team and also a source of a great commercial success.
The product launched into Stanleybet network in 2017 became incredibly popular as one of the most competitive and innovative virtual football tournament in the European market. In less than 2 years Trident made 30% of the entire Stanleybet Group turnover. Last March an online-mobile version has been released and the product will be shortly launched in Italy on
Magellan provided TRIDENT football to other operators: Novomatic in Croatia, Westgate in Romania, 960bet in Nigeria, Betaland in Italy and it is currently trialled by Betfred in UK.
Virtual Tournament Trident has been shortlisted as “best virtual product of the year” at SBC gaming awards.