Gentlemen’s Club

Casino Life & Business Magazine – Gentlemen’s Club International, a new partnership useful to all our readers.

As we have become accustomed to it, our magazine is constantly looking for long-term partnerships with elite entities of the society, entities that will benefit its readers and partners.
This time Casino Life & Business Magazine has sealed a partnership with Gentlemen’s Club International (GTM), a community of leaders in their fields, a society of people based on common sense who wants to stand out through special actions dedicated to education and general welfare.
GTM is perhaps the most beautiful socializing club in Romania, and a proof are more than 3 million supporters who follow its activity on the net.
The club organizes monthly socializing meetings in the most exclusive locations, meetings where those present, never more than 80, can share their ideas or establish business partnerships.
Through this partnership, our magazine is permanently present at the Club’s meetings and our partners will be in permanent contact with the elite, both of the society and of the business community in our country.
Thus we will be able to better promote the concept of gambling, bringing it closer and closer to the notion of entertainment, that is to say what defines it best.
From this moment we expect all those who wish to be part of an elite community, with solid principles and a desire for better, to contact us so that we can promote them in the middle of this very special and exclusive Club.
The conclusion of this partnership honors us, but, if necessary, it (re) confirms our status of a high-class B2B and B2C complex magazine, a highly appreciated magazine, which belongs far from the underworld of the plagiarists and liars who filled the Romanian society in the last half century.