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Cristian Gheorghe: In addition to good odds, you also need sports professionals

Cristian Gheorghe is the founder of Sports Business Academy and one of the most active people on the sports marketing industry market. At the SBA came as lecturers important names in sports and sports business, world and Olympic champions, great athletes of the world, including: Fabrizio Ravanelli, Gianluca Zambrotta, Gheorghe Mureșan, Ancuța Bodnar and Simona Radiș, Elisabeta Lipă, Mihai Covaliu, Camelia Potec, Ștefan Birtalan, Ana Maria Brânză Popescu, Irina Begu, Loredana Dinu or Monica Roșu. On, there is the largest educational base in the sports area in Eastern Europe over 150 video courses, 124 case studies and 47 theoretical materials in sports management and marketing, sports law, financial control of sports entities, legislation and sponsorship.

What else should bookmakers do to grow their image? Do they have specialized people?

Training people is essential in any industry. Online, things are clear and simple. We have massive investments in marketing and less human interaction, meaning we have applications that do their job and people behind, who change quotas and produce the content. If we talk about the side of the street, there people are essential to create a pleasant atmosphere and interaction. They are the key. As such, when we talk about people, we talk about investments, about increasing the quality of services offered through them, because they become the interface of the brand where users feel at home. It is essential that they are reliable professionals.

You are a co-founder of Sports Business Academy, how could it help those in the industry to attend courses?

If we talk about the SBA, all those who are in the sports industry or in adjacent industries can find extremely useful information, which can facilitate conversation and not only the part with the players. From issues of mentality, expression, from a vocabulary to help you be more convincing in everything you do in everyday life, to the idea that you, as a professional in an industry close to the sports area , you in turn become a specialist and a trusted person of the gambler. And this can happen if you invest in yourself, read, learn, become better. The SBA gives you access to all this information.

cristian gheorghe

Do you see betting agencies investing in their people to specialize in them?

They are already investing and there are departments that do a lot of training, especially in the product area, where it is essential, and in the campaign area. The SBA can also be a solution to create a much more diversified knowledge on the side of sports and the sports industry. We no longer take into account the fact that we manage to attract with us important names from Romanian sports, national, Olympic, world champions … It is a source of inspiration for anyone who comes in contact with our platform. If you have a bad day, it may be that changing one material on the platform will change your attitude and make you more proactive. The stories of the great champions have always changed our attitude towards life and towards everything around us. Therefore, the platform is extremely useful when we talk about souls interacting with other souls.

Did you have representatives of the betting industry at the Sports Business Academy courses?

We have a lot of Top Management who attended the courses. We were somehow equidistant in inviting people from the industry, just so as not to create conflicts. I hope that the industry will find the necessary openness to invest even more in human resources, not only in communication or product trainings, which are essential when it comes to figures, profit, income, but also to create a good mass of specialists. within the agencies they own. Strictly speaking, every employee who interacts with industry players can be a connoisseur of sports.

Specifically, how could employees of the betting agencies apply the  informations from SBA?

Including understanding the life of an athlete, the elements related to success, the mechanisms behind the matches in the offer. Access to extremely valuable resources on the sports management and marketing side is done at a very low cost compared to how much an employee can earn at the knowledge level. A person who trusts the information he has will be much more credible than everyone he meets.

Sports Business Academy is in 2021 the only educational platform in Europe where you could interact with a world football champion, a Champions League holder, a Romanian NBA mega-player and two Olympic champions.


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