The fun recommences!

Casa Vernescu, which houses the Palace Casino, is a building full of surprises. A building where history and memories have been formed since the 1820s and like any building emanates a mysterious air like a legend with a rich past and a lot of passion added from generation to generation.

Casa Vernescu was built in 1821 by the Wallachian boyar Filip Lens, the son of a French nobleman. The palace was erected to be offered as a wedding gift to his bride, Lisaveta Balotescu-Carpinisanu. A year later, in 1822, the building fell prey to a devastating fire. However, the owner rebuilt the building, transforming it into the most beautiful palace of those times in Bucharest for more than a quarter of a century. Also here was one military unit in turn, then the Ministry of War. In 1886 the building became the property of Guță Vernescu who, with the help of the architect Ion Mincu, carried out a restoration, and the painter George Demetrescu Mirea decorated its interiors. The central theme of the building is its center occupied by a vast elliptical hall.

Located in the heart of the capital, on the famous Calea Victoriei at no. 133, an imposing place that attracts connoisseurs who appreciate the perfect quality, exceptional services and a luxurious ambiance.

The atmosphere is enticing, with many different people creating what has become an internationally renowned traditional Casino: Palace Casino.

In addition to Roulette, the casino offers the most popular versions of Poker: Caribbean Stud Poker (5 cards), Ultimate Texas Poker (2 cards), Texas Hold’ em and Palace Poker Palace’s own original game with the most incredible payouts; as well as the fascinating Blackjack.

To these traditional games, we add a new card game, incredibly simple, fast, and suitable for both beginners and experienced people who want a few moments of adrenaline: Dracula’s Poker.

Also called Hi-Lo or High-Low, the goal of the game is to guess if the next card will be bigger or smaller. Guess and win, it’s that simple…!

Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu is definitely the only Casino in Romania and maybe from this part of Europe with limits ”no limits” at card games and with an impressive pay-out on hand. At roulette, the straight-up betting limits are the highest ever offered on the Romanian gaming market, competing with major casinos in Europe and the world.

In addition to the Live Gaming area, there are Slot games with modern devices, diversified games, many jackpots, sports betting and many surprises. This area is not only a play area but also a relaxing area with a separate lounge and snack bar.

In order for the experience to be complete, in the same Casa Vernescu we find one of the most refined restaurants in the city. The Palace Casino Restaurant combines the sophistication of Italian cuisine spiced with oriental flavors, making the Palace a gambling landmark in this part of the world.

Visitors from all over the world come here for history, architecture, legend and entertainment.

The opening hours are 24 hours a day, private parking and Valet Parking services are provided free of charge.

The place is often associated with social events in which both locals and tourists participate. Being the center of the capital in the immediate vicinity there are multiple tourist attractions, accommodation facilities in five star hotels, cafes, terraces, just minutes from the hustle and bustle of the Old Center or the quiet of Herastrau Park, all just 15 minutes from the airport.

Worth a visit!

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