The well-known brand of arcades in Cluj-Napoca opens 3 new locations in Zalău!

In recent years, Club Seven gambling halls have become increasingly popular in the world of entertainment and gambling, due to the diversified equipment and impeccable service. Seven Club brand, led by a team with over 20 year experience in the gaming world, distinguished itself from others by attention they treat their guests with and by the exclusive mode that it rewards the players through the promotional campaigns.
If until now, the activity of Club Seven brand was carried out only in the county of Cluj, starting this month, activity expands in Salaj by opening 3 new Seven Club arcades in the city of Zalau. Like in other arcades in Cluj, these too will be open to the public 7 days a week.
The new arcades in Zalau will keep the same line of stylish interior design and consecrated architectural features. Being a prestigious brand, all Club Seven game rooms feature a bar, where customers can choose from a wide range of drinks.

zalau seven club

The same as in Cluj area, Club Seven brand will continue expanding gaming halls in the localities of the Salaj county, ensuring the highest level of safety and comfort that exceed customers’ expectations. In addition, Seven Club is part of the “Responsible gambling” project run by specialists in the psychology of gambling, which is guided by the admonition: Do not forget, the game must remain an entertaining method!
Being a trendsetter in the field, Seven Club holds both classical and modern electronic devices. The diversified range of games consists of Novomatic, Alfastreet, Apex and EGT products, all equipped with the motherboard and the original software.
Each room is fitted with its local jackpot- type Mystery and type Progresiv- but also with a global Jackpot Metropolitan, type Mistery, connected to all three halls in the city, with substantial prizes offered at each Jackpot.
Seven Club became known in Cluj due to its promotional campaigns also. The brand will sit back, having already planned some surprise promotions with cash prizes and luxury cars for the next period in the new arcades in Zalau.


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