The market researchers at MECN have just published their most recent edition of the Online Gambling Quarterly.
As before, this edition includes analyses of the most relevant financial KPIs, the companies likely to be winning in the future, trends, in-depth SEO and affiliate analyses, and much more.
The Online Gambling Quarterly features a wealth of in-depth analyses, but two key elements are the quarterly assessment of the business climate in the online gambling industry and the benchmark of the most recent quarterly revenue figures.
Business climate likely to improve within the next 12 months
A key part of MECN’s quarterly studies is a survey of industry participants regarding the current and future business climate of the online gambling industry. Here are the key results of the survey conducted in June 2016:
• Current business climate
– The majority (58%) of the experts and market insiders surveyed assess the current business climate of the online gambling industry as “satisfactory” or even “poor”. But 42% of the experts consider the current climate “good”.
• Future outlook – Regarding the future (in the next 12 months), 46% of the experts surveyed believe that the industry climate will be “good”, an increase compared to the current figure of 42% – see exhibit.
Analyses of quarterly revenue development – on average, revenues increased by 45% in Q1/2016 (YoY).
In the exhibit below the report benchmarks the latest growth rates of quarterly revenue (total across all segments/ verticals). In most cases the figures used are net revenues (after bonuses, …); however,
in a few cases net revenues were not reported, and therefore MECN took gross revenues (gross win/yield = stakes less prizes paid out) or turnover instead.

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Here the key results:
Average growth – On average, revenues grew in Q1/2016 (compared to the previous year) by 45%.
Top growth rate – Best practice growth was achieved by Gaming Innovation with 170%.
Lowest/negative growth – At the bottom of the ranking we find Mybet and Lottomatica.
Best practice analyses – Gaming Innovation Group (, …) also was on top in Q4/2015; just a short time ago the company changed its focus to online gambling.
According to the company, the growth was driven by various factors, incl. a continued relevant TV advertising campaign, strong growth of active players of the company brands Guts and Betspin, the launch of, and the acquisition of two additional affiliate networks.
Online Gambling Quarterly – free data-focused report for the online gambling industry The Online Gambling Quarterly covers a wide range of topics from key company sectors, such as finance, marketing, strategy, …. This regular report offers unprecedented insights into the industry, including:
− Strategic issues – Strategic topics, such as overall industry climate, trends, forecasts, stock development, …
− Financial benchmarks – Quarterly and half-year revenue benchmarks, EBIT, and cost benchmarks, …
− Marketing benchmarks
– Social benchmarks, SEO benchmarks, affiliate marketing benchmarks,
− Product-related topics and benchmarking – Growth potential for selected products, benchmarking of product offers, …
− Q2 special analyses: Consolidation and mergers, Sweden-specific SEO analyses, mobile KPI benchmarking, …
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