Raluca Elena Lazar

Raluca Elena Lazar about what the Power Bet and Las Vegas Games brands mean

We need more security and support from the state, as we pay the contributions.

➤ How did Power Bet come into being, how did it evolve and especially what development plans does it have? Franchise? Other types of collaborations?
The idea of Power Bet came from the experience gained in the field of gambling that made me observe and understand what we, as an operator in the gambling market, can improve to meet all the requirements of our customers, developing a more varied package of services offered. Power Bet is the answer to these requirements.
From the very beginning, the Power Bet concept was thought of in the long run, both me and the Power Bet team being sure of the potential of this concept. And now, Power Bet is present in all counties of the country, managing to adapt to a wide and varied area of customers.
The last year has been marked by an increase in the size of the company both in terms of opening new locations nationwide and the continuous optimization of services offered.

Raluca Elena Lazar about what the Power Bet and Las Vegas Games brands mean

➤ What does the Las Vegas Games network mean right now?
Las Vegas Games currently includes 7 locations of its own games. Also, our company enjoys collaborations with several partners in the country.
Our concept starts from the image of the famous Las Vegas and the fun it offers. We aim to create a suitable atmosphere for the game, with a lot of energy and fun. We understand that the human factor is the key to this activity, that’s why we want the services offered to be of quality. Employees are oriented to customer requirements, being the hosts at their disposal. We promote ethical conduct and special care for our players, emphasizing that the slot industry is a means of entertainment, fun and relaxation.
We pay attention to all the details, from the planning of an event to its implementation, because we want the customer’s gaming experience to be unique. The period spent in the framework created by us can be characterized by two words: challenge and adrenaline, the same coordinates for which the players return to our game halls.
Las Vegas Games has about 500 slot machines. We use some of the most popular gaming devices on the market and are open to new products. Customers find in our rooms gaming equipment in step with current trends in the area where we operate.

Power Bet Las Vegas Games

➤ How many POWER BET locations do you currently have and what development plans do you have for the future?
At the moment, POWER BET is present in 50 own locations and approximately 800 partner locations. Over the next year we intend to double the number of partner locations. A big step of our company was the takeover since last year of the operator Armin Bet, an company operating in the west part of the country, with experience since 2015 on the sports betting market. Thus, POWER BET manages to have a national presence.

➤ What are your intentions related to online games?
We all know that for a while the social context was more restrictive due to pandemic situations, which caused this segment of services to be affected to some extent.
However, this experience showed us how we can improve and rise to the level of market requirements and how we can be as connected as possible with our customers.
That is why another plan aimed at designing the POWER BET activity at a higher level is the transition to the online platform, an approach that will be completed at the beginning of next year.

Raluca Elena Lazar about what the Power Bet and Las Vegas Games brands mean

➤ How did you manage to keep your employees in the current conditions?
We are very lucky because our team is strengthened and we managed to stay united even after the many interruptions of the activity. Initially, the social context was uncertain. As the situation was new and there were no measures or regulations, stagnation was caused in all areas and employees were wondering what would happen. The state through the instrument of Technical Unemployment came in support of entrepreneurs, support that was felt positively in our company.
On the other hand, this period made us better understand the commitment and trust that our employees gave us by remaining in solidarity with the company. This made us, in turn, come to their aid if the situation was such.

➤ What do you think is missing from the Romanian gambling industry?
In Romania, the gambling industry is an activity framed as the provision of special services, making the activity to be: permanently monitored, rigorously controlled and taxed at one of the highest levels. These three aspects come against the background of an unstable legislative framework. And when I say that, I am thinking of all the changes that have taken place in the legislation in recent years in this area.
Therefore, in order to be sure that the work is performed in accordance with the ever-changing legal requirements, we, the organizers of gambling, are focused, most of the time, on these changes to be sure that what we do we do well. In other words, I believe that we need more security and support from the state, why not, according to the contributions we pay.
An equally important aspect is the lack of unity of gambling organizers. Given that we all operate in the same environment and obey the same rules, I think it would be honorable to support each other in our efforts to present our needs in a more prominent way in relation to the State.

Raluca Elena Lazar about what the Power Bet and Las Vegas Games brands mean

➤ What do you advise gambling operators?
I believe that every game operator has their own personal concept of how they act. Each of us has different expectations, different ways of thinking, and different methods. Therefore, I think it is difficult to find the advice to offer and this should be the missing link and fit everyone.
However, something that I think could cause some changes would be this unit that I mentioned earlier. This would be a first step in creating a legislative space that would allow stability in this area of activity.

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