Entertainment Arena Expo

58 exhibitors participated in the Entertainment Arena Expo 2019, and the total number of visitor entries is over 4000

After the conclusion of the Entertainment Arena Expo 2019, I spoke with Mr. Anton Vlad, the organizer of the event. As every year, at the end of the exhibition we are interested in the figures.

Hello Mr. Anton Vlad. Congratulations to the team and Expo 24 for another seamless edition. How was this year’s edition of Entertainment Arena Expo, from your point of view, that of the organizer?
The 2019 edition was a good edition, with results over the previous edition. It is obvious that the Romanian market is the largest market in Eastern Europe and this is also reflected within the EAE.

We discussed with you before the start of the event and estimate a development of the quality of the stands and products on display. Now what do you think? Did they rise to the level of major international events?
Each exhibitor managed to bring a new air to the previous edition, either through the quality of the stands or through the novelty of the products. The stands were and are at a high level, and as the exhibition develops, their complexity becomes greater.

Do you have specific figures on the number of exhibitors? How many were from Romania, how many from other countries?
At the Entertainment Arena Expo 2019, 58 exhibitors participated, 23 from Romania and 35 representing foreign companies.

Have the figures on the number of visitors / entries been counted?
The counting is done for unique visitors and visitors in total, many of those registered being present on two or all three days of the exhibition. The number of unique visitors to EAE 2019 is 2386 and the total number of visitors’ entries is over 4000.

Starting the preparations for the Entertainment Arena Expo 2020. When and where did it take place?
The edition with the number 14 will take place from 7 to 9 September 2020, in the same location as this year. Thank you very much for your time and success in everything you do.

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