In today’s article we’ll try to discover some of the tricks of the notion “quote”, the most used and most discussed term in the field of sport bets. The multiplication factor for the sum gambled.

The notion of “bet” is often met nowadays, even in the vocabulary of those who don’t gamble. It is a term we acquire from early childhood.
How many of us didn’t have all kind of disputes, which we ended with expressions like “what will you bet that it isn’t like that?” or “what will you bet that I am right?”.
Sometimes, when it comes to a disproportional dispute in the controversy waken, there comes the natural question “What quote will you give me?”, when you choose the weakest one!
This is our daily battle, that with the quotes! Because we are not allowed to be mistaken! That is, to mistake them! Otherwise, the mistake pays off. For this reason, our attention is at the highest rates, we really keep a good watch. Probably many of you have wondered how are the quotes made and when? Well, let-s try to unveil some of the quote tricks!

The “merchandise” from the “supplier” must be checked
Practically, after a bet, we always intend to win. In sports bets, the events get quotes, which represent the probability that the respective event would finish with a certain result. And, function to everyone’s chance, there results the potential gain.
“The quote” is the numerical expression (used in statistics) of the probability for an event to happen. It may seem complicated, but it is not so.
Let’s suppose that at a football game you want to bet that the host team will win. But the teams rarely start with equal chances, and usually one of them will have higher chances to win the game than its opponent, being a favorite. Another option in such a confrontation is a tie result. All these chances will be reflected by the “quotes”. Each possible result has a certain quote, so that the bet agencies may offer the clients fair winnings, proportional to the real winning chances.
The quotes are also used in order to balance the amounts of money placed on all the possible results, so that the bet agencies may equilibrate their balance of the collections and payments. And in order to be able to pay you your gains!
You must know that these quotes aren’t worked manually! If it were like that, the offer would be extremely short, we wouldn’t have time to quote all the events from one day and their derivates. So, every bet company has contracts with various quote suppliers. This is what we call them! Obviously, these programs cost quite a lot of money.
Good! In the morning, when we get at job, around 06:00 – 07:00 o’clock, all we do is check the “merchandise” received. There may be errors which must be adjusted!
Most of the attention is paid to the events from Romania, regardless of sport! Work is shared between people and everyone is responsible for what he/she is checking. Sometimes, even if there are no errors, some quote adjustments are made, function to certain factors.

2.00 – the standard quote in sports bets
In reality, the quotes cannot express 100% correctly the chances of performance of an event, because, if all numbers are exact, the sports results aren’t, because it is impossible to anticipate them. The standard of the quotes in sports bets revolves around the index 2.00. That is 50% chances on each side. And if we bet 100 lei on a 2.00 quote event, we bet, in fact, on an equal probability of rick, as follows: we either double our money, or we lose the bet. The 2.00 quote is the standard in sports bets, and the lower a quote is, the more likely is that the respective bet may be a winner. But these variations of the quotes are always influenced by several aspects, which I mentioned before, and which are part of the bookmakers’ activity.
There are a few little tricks which we will disclose to you. First of all, it’s the commission of the house, and then the volume of bets placed on an event, but also the newest information coming from the opponents’ teams. All these make the respective quote to fluctuate, since it is a variable.
Theoretically, when a quote on a result is higher, obviously the chances that the respective result may come true are lower and, vice versa, lower quote – higher chances!
But, since not everything is mathematics, and it all depends on the chance, automatically there appear unpredictable results, which most of us call surprises, which make the charm of this “sport” and which justify the notion of gambling.
Therefore, be careful what quotes you choose! They may be deceiving, but also a good source of gain for those choosing to take a risk. Because, in fact, the quote represents the multiplication factor of the stake gambled!