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Luck resides in patience, inspiration but also in offer Series of articles from Bookmaker Log by George Radu

The bookmaker journal at Get’s Bet continues to present you what “brave acts” our clients have managed to perform. With our help, of course!
There are some times during the year when the European championships are suspended, in order to make room to the national teams’ games. It is what happened at the beginning of September.
It is that kind of period when gamblers have the impression that the offer is not so generous, from the perspective of the number of events. Still, in these periods, those who are patient, can really get something big.
Because the secret in betting is also knowing how to choose one’s events. Not all of them need to play the same day! That is why the offer you are always browsing lies on several days. Then, obviously, intervenes everyone’s inspiration in choosing their games.
Why do we say that? Because we’ll present you a few tickets with events which go on up to seven days, the gamblers being rewarded for their patience with excellent gains!
Combining the events from Monday to Saturday, a Get’s client betted on games from the preliminary games of Euro 2020, com bined with some of the inferior leagues, no less than 15 (!) in number, and gained over 6.100 lei, with only 40 lei gambled! Possibly the same gambler, or maybe one of his friends, a few hours later, also with 40 lei, repeated the ticket, but renouncing to the game with almost the smallest share on the ticket (1,20 at FC Arges – Pandurii – 1), probably because the game had already started. Since the first option was a winner, this one was also a winner, with over 5.100 lei, the difference resulting from the missing share. (photo 1)


We must mention that on the two tickets we can find one of the new bets introduced in our offer, which starts to become extremely popular among our clients! We are talking here about the type „GG or 3+”, a bet with an extremely attractive share and which offers two possible gain possibilities – either at least 3 goals are scored per game or it is sufficient if both teams score. In other words, one can win either with a score of 3-0, but also with a 1-1! That „or” is extremely important at the result homologation!
Moreover, the evening ticket, which didn’t include the FC Arges game, was gambled 3 more times, with 40 lei on each ticket, so that this “trio” produced a gain of other 15.000 lei (photo 2)! Practically, on the whole, in those 5 tickets were invested 200 lei, resulting a benefit of over 26.000 lei, that is around 5.600 euro! A real “little” fortune! Gained also on Romania’s back, who lost, 1-2 with Spain, who could have equaled in minute 90, and then all the tickets would have been blank! But, when luck is looking for you, it finds you! All you need to do is try!

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