The season three of PokerFest festival has again played outside the country. As a premiere, a PokerFest leg was played at Tropicana Casino in Budapest, Hungary, between 7 and 13 of October.

The host of this event was Casino Tropicana, a location owned and managed by the Hungarian state.

The Main Event of Tropicana PokerFest, which took place in Budapest, had 175 entries, 18 seats and an interesting Final Table, was won by the young Hungarian player Vaczó András.

The third day of the Main Event started with 18 contestants – similar to the number of paid seats, and the first two – Idan Raviv and Noam Cohen – were almost at a tie.

The game was quick since the beginning and the eliminated players started to line up. In almost three hours, the Final Table was right there.

During the last level of the Final Table, Noam Cohen placed on the fifth and negotiations for redistribution of the pool of prizes were open again.

After the exact count of the chips, a settlement was reached and €5,000 and the much-wanted champion trophy were left in the game.
The fourth place was taken by Dino Marsani and the last three were determined to get into all-in, to show a card only and win the best hand in the end.

The winnings in the Main Event Tropicana PokerFest (* = settlement), were as below:
1. Vaczó András__ €26,166*
2. Váradi Péter__ €26,316*
3. Idan R._______ €25,541*
4. Dino Marsani__ €20,625*
5. Noam C._______ €9,950
6. Bubor László__ €7,650
7. Boros M. Zoltán €5,950
8. Vígh Péter____ €4,750
9. Bank Gábor____ €3,650
10. Birizdó István €2,900
11. Gál Ferenc____ €2,900
12. Zab Attila____ €2,675
12. Szabados Róbert €2,675
14. Sas Szilárd___ €2,450
15. Miklós Csaba__ €2,450
16. Kovács András_ €2,050
17. Szécsi Norbert €2,050
18. Liszkovics József €2,050

At the beginning of November, a new leg of PokerFfest will be hosted by PokerFest Club.

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