The third edition of the free access international seminar Ora Exacta in Gambling.

As at the last editions of the fair dedicated to the gaming industry in our country, Entertainment Arena Expo, our magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine organized, this year as well, the free access international seminar Ora Exacta in Gambling / The Exact Time in Gambling, seminar which had a great success in its previous editions as well.
The Ora Exacta in Gambling seminar took place the second day of the Entertainment Arena Expo, on September 3rd, and attracted over 200 participants, both due to the topics chosen and to its special organization, being the biggest event of this type ever held in our

As its name says, the event was an excellent opportunity for the participants to get up to date on the latest news and actualities in the gambling industry, which was through some very harsh times lately.
Thus, at this year’s edition, the 3rd, the seminar was intended to have two parts: in the first part the representatives of the industry made a few extremely interesting and very up to date presentations, about the monitoring systems, and in the second part those present were updated on the latest legislative developments in the field of gambling industry.

At the monitoring systems section, the over two hundred participants were presented the products of the Scientific Games, DGL PRO and Syswin Solutions.
Moreover, the Syswin Solutions invited all participants in that same evening at a business cocktail at the Pullman hotel, located in the close vicinity of ROMEXPO, cocktail where the features of their own monitoring system were further explained and discussed.
In the second part of the seminar Odeta Nestor, President of the Romanian Gambling National Office presented the up to date situation of the legislation and of the applicable Norms in the field, and Anchidim Zagrean, Vice-president of the ROMBET association presented actual case situations.

Other speakers were Paul Anghel, Executive Director within the National Authority for the Consumers’ Protection and Daniel Florea, Deputy, member of the Juridical Commission of the Deputies Chamber.
In the end, Dan Iliovici, Executive Director of the ROMBET association presented the project supported by the association about responsible gaming.

In both parts the participants could ask questions in an informal atmosphere, typical to the events organized under the aegis of Casino Life & Business Magazine and the seminar ended long after the planned hour and only after the numerous participants didn’t have any more questions or unclear issues.

Representatives of the management of the Romanian National Gambling Office attended both parts of the event.
Moreover, as at the previous events organized by our magazine, both the Romanian National Gambling Office and the National Authority for the Consumers’ Protection assumed the position of institutional partners of the event at this edition of The Exact Time in Gambling seminar.

They were joined in as event partners by the DGL PRO and the SYSWIN Solutions companies, but also by the ROMBET association.
As always, the role of the media partner was assumed by the BURSA newspaper, the business people’s newspaper.


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