Hot, hot, extremely hot…
It is always the same in our country, during summer, yet we never get used to it.
During winter, we all wish for some heat but in summer, we all yearn for some chills. Who can understand us anymore!? It is the same with the industry we are all part of. When everything was a mess and the legislation was incomplete, we wished for stability and now, when it is finally quiet, it all seems too quiet…
But lucky we have a new edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo closing in… maybe it will bring some stir because it is indeed too quiet!
Let’s see new things, new people, new machines, everything that’s new and shiny because this summer made us too calm. Or it might be the calm before the storm? Let’s hope it is not the case here…

Anyways, E-Arena is close and with it comes the new edition of the seminar ”The Exact Time in Gambling” and in this way we might tear apart this heavy silence.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It is still summer, and hot… and quiet!


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