NOVOMATIC Romania sustains its partners by launching the WIN-WIN program

Romanian gambling operators received at the end of 2018 the news of a new legislative change that could affect for the long-term industry, including the increase of the licensing fee from 2600€ to 3600€. In this context, NOVOMATIC Romania sustains its business partners by launching the WIN-WIN program, which consists in granting a 50% discount on the additional cost of the new authorization fee.

OUG 114, was approved on 28 December 2018, disturbing the business environment by having important changes to the legal framework applicable to the Romanian gaming industry. The Ordinance has a wide range of changes, among which we mention the increase in the annual fee for the gambling operating license for each slot machine from 2600€ to 3600€. Another change with an impact on operators’ finances was the cancellation of the bonus granted for the advance payment of the annual slot-machine authorization fee.

In order to sustain our partners, NOVOMATIC Romania launched the WIN-WIN program. It consists in applying a 50% discount on the additional cost of the new authorization fee, 42 €/ month/appliance. For a six-month contract period, the total discount offered is € 252. The offer is valid for both new lease agreements and for extension of existing contracts under the same conditions.

“We want to be close to our customers and partners in order to nourish their business, regardless of the legislative changes that emerge. The launch of this new program, WIN-WIN, is proof that NOVOMATIC Romania is constantly looking for business strategies for a win-win partnership for both parties.” said NOVOMATIC Romania CEO Valentin-Adrian Georgescu.

Over time, NOVOMATIC Romania has strengthened its position on the market and demonstrated its support for partners by launching several loyalty programs and strategies.

This year, for the second time at the Global Gaming Awards in London, NOVOMATIC AG has been awarded the prestigious Casino Supplier of the Year Award, which rewards and recognizes the company’s contribution as a provider of reliable and internationally innovative technology. NOVOMATIC Romania has the know-how of the NOVOMATIC Group and provides an international level of performance and professionalism, through solutions that are customed for the needs and requirements of the clients.

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