Alex Mitruş won the Cup

The poker tournament in Piatra Neamţ took place between 3rd and 7th of October and the pool of prizes to be offered reached the amount of EUR102,300. The Cup of the 11th Edition was taken home by Alex Mitruş.

At first, the tournament was supposed to be hosted by Iasi, but a strife with the logistic partner led to the move to Piatra Neamt. The poker festival here gathered an impressive number of players, 211, with nine more that the previous edition in April, in the same city.

Quick game and a new champion

Even though everyone expected a long Final Table, where the game was going to be difficult, the things went the other way. The eliminations came quickly and the champion was decided on in less than three hours of playing. Placed on a bad position in terms of number of chips at the beginning of the heads-up game, Alex Mitruș managed to catch up and took the command in a short time. Here is the ranking and the prizes to be cashed (in EUR) at PokerFest Piatra Neamţ:

1. Alex Mitruş – 26,000
2. Dan Petrea – 17,150
3. Vlad Voicu – 11,550
4. Sebastian Pop – 8,900
5. Răzvan Gherghe – 7,350
6. Marian Dinu – 6,000
7. Iulian Iacob – 4,700
8. Bogdan Dinu – 3,550
9. Vasile Crăciun – 2,850

The next PokerFest tournament will be in Bucharest between November 12 and 18. The entry fee will be EUR1,000.

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