Editorial Casino Life & Business Magazine edition 95, January 2018

We begin a new year and we are getting ready for new projects.

If at the beginning of the last year we were getting ready for the first edition of the “Casino International” awards, currently, at the debut of 2018, we are preparing for our second international project. Our first conference which we organize in Belgrade, “The Exact Time in Gambling/Serbia”, an event which will take place during the first day of the traditional fair dedicated to gaming- “Belgrade Future Gaming” 2018.

The same as with the first international project started last year, we are very anxious, but we are confident that this second project abroad will share the same extensive success. Serbia is an emerging market, at the gate of the European Union, a substantial market ready to be explored, and those who know their business are ready to take advantage of it.

Therefore, we are eager to welcome you at “The Exact Time in Gambling/Serbia” event on June the 5th, in Belgrade.


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