Videoclipuri noi pe canalul TV Casino Life & Business Magazine

New videos – From the very first shows posted there could be noticed a great interest from the viewers, and the number of the subscribers is in a constant organic growth.

The series we have introduced on this channel, namely, the Saturday’s interview and the Gaming Tutorials have enjoyed great success from the very beginning, being followed by hundreds of viewers.
Once the first edition of Metropolitan Opera Festival has ended, we have started posting videos with the songs interpreted by the singers of the event, all being recordings from the concert.
We continue realizing the Saturday’s interview, but we have taken a short break so we might get away on a short holiday.
However we have posted the interview about online gambling, interview made with Bogdan Coman, Executive Manager of ROMBET.
At the same time, we have started posting new original series, which are permanently of interest for the audience.
If the Saturday’s interview proposes to have as guests real and popular, but important personalities of the gambling industry from Romania and not only, people whose expertise is acknowledged at local or international level and whose opinion counts on the gambling market but also on its complementary markets, the other videos which are part from our Youtube channel are meant to be a gaming example for those interested or a simple entertainment means with certain educative aspirations.

Of course, we will not stop here and we will continue with new videos and new series on our TV channel, series which we are certain to be very pleasant and useful for those watching them.
In parallel, we continue our posts on Instagram, a social-media channel in a continuous development in our country too.
Therefore, keep on watching us on all our social-media communication channels, either traditional, like Facebook, Twitter or Linked In or on the newest and fashionable ones, like Instagram and Youtube, in order to be updated with the newest events and series.

We are looking forward to receiving your opinions about these series or suggestions for the tv channel at

The best suggestions will have a great surprise within the Annual Gala of the Casino Life & Business Magazine Awards, which will take place, as usual, in December.