The Gambling Industry Awards have reached its 10th edition.
The prestigious event will be entirely broadcasted “live” on the internet.

The Casino Life & Business Magazine Gaga or the Gambling Industry Awards, as it was called by the press since the first edition, the original event, by far the most important social event of the gambling industry in Romania, which rewards the activity during the last year of the most representative members of the world of Romanian gambling (and not only) will succeed, as always, to bring together in an extraordinary atmosphere, players, celebrities, people that matter in the world of contemporary business, people of culture, art and sports but, including from the media.
The Award Gala Casino Life & Business Magazine, the only landmark truly important in the yearly calendar of the Romanian world of gambling, will select the winners on the evening of Wednesday, December 7th, in the presence of representatives of the industry, but also in the presence of a numerous audience, inside the luxurious and spectacular decor of the halls of the Palace of Parliament.

As it was at the previous editions, this year’s gala will be a real year-end party braided in a unique show of live music, joy, magic moments, and many, many surprises. The 2016 edition of the only event of its kind in Romanian gambling industry will be broadcasted “live” on the Internet, on our website magazine, but also on partner sites.Artistic performance will be watched and applauded by the guests present and will be supported by numerous artists who will enjoy the backing of numerous technical teams.


Thus, the 2016 edition of Casino Life & Business Magazine Awards Gala, 10th edition of the largest and most important event in the gambling industry in Romania will become a memorable moment unmatched by any other event, be it similar.
The voting system is very simple and has proven its efficiency and viability over the nine previous editions. Nominations for all award categories will be centralized and after that, will be published on the website – and will be sent also to the data base of our magazine and readers will vote through an email send to the magazine, thus avoiding any multiple vote. Voting will be closed on the evening of November 30th.
Obviously, the honest and transparent vote will upset some companies, as has happened in previous editions, but Casino Life & Business Magazine, as organizer, will never betray readers and will reward only those who are actually voted for!


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