Continuing the list of homologations for various slots and multi-game mixes, EGT Romania further consolidates its position in the local gambling industry.
The most popular multi-game mixes from EGT portfolio now have Type Approval, being available for orders and/or conversion kits. We are talking about Collection Series that encompasses several mixes, in collections with specific names: Red Collection, Green Collection, Orange Collection, Fruits Collection and Union Collection.
Right now, EGT Romania holds Type Approvals for four out of the five Collection of games, namely Red Collection, Green Collection, Orange Collection and Fruits Collection.
The most recent Type Approval is for Red Collection, a compilation of 48 EGT titles, out of which 23 completely new, ready to attract players’ attention.
Green Collection and Orange Collection also consist of 48 highly attractive game titles, that ensure their success amongst players.
Fruits Collection is a compilation of 38 fruit-themed games, that has become in the shortest of time one of the favorite for players worldwide.
Red Collection, Green Collection, Orange Collection and Fruits Collection are available – according to homologations – on slot machines such as: Vega Vision Up +, Vega Vision St +, Vega Premier, P-24/24 Up, P-24/24 St Slim, P-27/32H St, P-27/27 St, P-27/27 St Slim, P-24/32H Up, P-42V Up Curved, P-42V St Curved, as well as top-of-the range slot: Super Premier.

The newest of EGT portfolio of Collection Series is the compilation Union Collection – soon to obtain the Type Approval as well – with no less than 45 new EGT game titles as well as a compilation of live, automated and virtual roulettes. The software can be installed both on single monitor gaming machine (e.g. STORK and Premier Roulette) and dual monitor cabinets.
All collections from Collection Series are driven by the newest and more powerful hardware platform Exciter III. This way the player can enjoy better graphic design, improved sound and animations, while the operator enjoys the stable protection of the system and an impressive processing power.
The Jackpot systems also come into focus, with more and newer Type Approvals.
The most recent one being 4 Happy Hits with a symbol driven progressive and a mystery jackpot, now available on cabinets: P-42V Up Curved and P-42V St Curved.
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