From acting to WPT managing board

Mimi Rogers is a great movie star. She also made herself known in the gambling world, as she is a professional poker player and a member in the World Poker Tour managing board.

By her real name Miriam Pickler, Mimi Rogers is a 57-year old American actress and producer. The Hollywood world was just not enough for her and she reached out to gambling.

A teen crazy for poker

Mimi started playing poker since her teenage years. In 2003, she became a professional player. That year, she ended in the money at the World Poker Tour’s 240 Player Shooting Stars. She is one of the celebrities playing at Hollywood Poker, present at promotional events. More than that, Mimi is a member in the WPT managing board. She made over $20,000 from the tournaments she registered in.

Nude and sexy in ‚Playboy’

Mimi Rogers was in all vogue amongst men with her lustful shapes. In the 1995 ‚Full Body Massage’ movie, she played nude for 93 minutes. At 48, she was brave enough to do it again in ‚The Door in the Floor’. In March 1993, Mimi posed for the well-known ‚Playboy’ magazine for men. ‚I remember how the Playboy people had been ‚wooing’ me for a few years until I finally agreed to their proposal to shoot a sexy pictorial. This will be a memento of my body, to help me remember it as it once was, not decayed by time and others,’ explained the actress. She is known to the TV viewers from the SF movies like ‚Lost in Space’ and ‚X-Files’ serial, where she played the role of Diana Fowley.

A full love life

Mimi Rogers’ sentimental lilfe was quite busy, as she is on her third marriage. In 1977, she married to Jim Rogers and they divorced in 1980. He is the one who introduced her to the Church of Scientology. In the 80’s, the movie star was romantically involved with personalities like Tom Selleck, Christopher Reeve and Bobby Shriver. In May 1987, Mimi tied the knot with famous Hollywoodian actor, Tom Cruise. She was 31, he 24. They separated in 1989 and divorce was finalized in February 1990. Mimi recruited Tom into the Church of Scientology and he has been one of the most devoted believers ever since. The actress left the church in 2003.

Wife and mother

In 1990, Mimi Rogers started dating Chris Ciaffa. The two are now a happy family, with two children. Lucy Julia, their daughter, was born in 1995 and Charles, the son, in 2001. Mimi and Chris married in 2003. The famous actress is a true supporter of the Democratic Party.


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