Talking to Ionut Licioiu, Magic Plaza Mall Manager

➤ Tell us few things about yourself.
I am 36 years old. I entered in the gambling industry in live casino in 2002. For 4 years i worked as croupier and 2 years as casino inspector. In 2008 I moved to electronic casino industry. I started in Game World and in 2016 I joined Magic Games.

➤ What expectations you had and where they stand in the test of reality?
I was my initiative to join Magic Games, relatively a new company to manage almost a new place. I had hopes but I did not know the people and was not really fully aware to the end results of my decision.
With the benefit of looking back, the main thing I learned is to trust the process of my professional life. I have learned that I can make a difference for myself and for others. In the terms of professional success I believe we stand almost fully in our targets to become a major gaming hall in the area, to be a flagship for the company and to set new standards on regular basis and for this I give full credit to all the staff, and even the interview is with me I wish here to emphasize the part of Cosmina and all the shift managers and attendnts to the success of the hall.

➤ What about your personal success and targets?

Well in general the idea I can be a major part in making Magic a leading company in Romania is the basis of all my personal targets.
Initially it was extremely important for me to “prove” I can stand the standard shareholders expect and even to set better one. Secondly it is equally important for me that professionally I have “my way” – I have lot of freedom to direct the gaming hall. At the end I wish to place myself at a pivot location in a new growing company, to make Magic one of the leading gaming companies in Romania, and I know I can have major part in this.

➤ Where you see the advantages you were able to make in plaza gaming hall?
First, we have a very beautiful big gaming hall, over 1030 sqm, renovated and made as top location from every aspect. I don’t believe in this area you can find a better gaming hall.
Secondly, our slot machines are top quality; almost all are new, best of the state of the art.
We try to be always the first to bring new slots, for example we were the first to place the innovative cabinet 833 with impera soft of novomatic and we intend to do same now with the spectacular novomatic v.i.p. lounge curve that was presented first time in ICE show in London last month!!! Egt and Casino Technology newest products will be placed very soon as well.
The odds. I say without any hesitation that we give our clients the best odds in the industry. It is not only the payout percentage we offer on slots, but everything surrounding it, including various jackpots, various daily jackpot campaigns, happy hours, competition prizes, loyalty card points and car prizes like no one else!
Fourthly the sport betting area. You can check. No other company has better or bigger sport bet venue than in Magic plaza. We co-operate with Superbet and it is vital for us that our clients realize that, also in sport betting, we bring them the best odds.
Last but not least, most important, friendly environment.
Our clients see our effort, they see we make a step more than others towards them, and they do appreciate.
Visibility: I truly believe we have built top class location. It’s big, it’s invested, it’s beautiful, it gives you a great feeling to play here. Great hall, great service.

➤ Tell me about your new 4 cars Audi campaign. What is so special in this?
That is a very special campaign which I personally call “queen of hearts” – that is a yearly campaign that will last 12-13 months in total and in which we enable only the clients of Magic Plaza Mall to win premium cars, all suv vehicles Audi has today. Q2, Q3, Q5, and Q7 on quarterly basis.
It is an investment of 200.000 euro approx in a year, directed only to gaming hall clients. We would not combine the prizes with other gaming halls, like other companies.
It is also vital that after each car awarded we start fresh, all clients will have the same start for the next car prize!
In addition, there is a special course for vip clients to qualify by acquiring points directly to the final, which also automatically guarantees substantial prizes regardless of the car.

➤ Your future in Magic?
I have achieved my initial target in Magic, to create one of the best gaming halls in the area.
We still have way to go but I am sure we would, we don’t set a limit to ourselves. At company level, I wish to believe that there is a bigger role for me in Magic, at the very top of company decision making, development and even as shareholder. I want to believe that my personal and company interest combine to a level that my contribution would not go unnoticed and, as I know the shareholders, it would not.
I hope we, myself and my staff, would be able to achieve it.