Finding the Magic of gambling with Daniel Lipara, General Manager of Magic gambling halls.

Daniel Lipara revealed the Magic exclusively for Casino Life & Business Magazine readers answering to our real questions…

➤ Since when did you get into this industry?
I have entered into this industry in 2008.
➤ Why did you do that?
Gaming industry is basically a reflection of one’s personality.
High level of inter-action with people, passion and business day to day challenges are so high that I believe I am on a daily race track. Once you are “IN” the industry in a sense that you succeed to develop a process of growth it becomes the center of your life. During this process you also learn that it shapes you as a person, as a leader and as a businessman.
➤ Since when are you working with Magic?
Magic is relatively a new company operating from 2014.
I am from day one in the company.
➤ What does Daniel Lipara mean for Magic?
If you ask the main shareholder of the company he would tell you that I am affecting the company at higher gradual impact as the company grows.
If you ask me, at macro level I believe I am a big part of Magic creation and success. I am the general manager of Magic since it was founded; I took an active part in its strategy formation and as such is fair to say that I am largely responsible to its relative success. On a micro level I am involved in all the details of company. Running day by day all of the company’s organs.

➤ Why is it called Magic and not otherwise?
It is a beautiful name. To start a business from scratch and to go all the obstacles, challenges, fights, disappointments and still to be able to move fast and create a solid working business, it is a kind of magic, I guess. However, it is clear to all of us that MAGIC is what we want to be at the end of the process and despite the fact we were able to build a solid company, we are very far from this at this stage.
➤ What does Magic mean today?
At this stage we are really at the second level out of 5 of our ultimate targets. Magic, if one examines properly, is offering better gaming environment.
We have two business models and I can say without any doubt that our premium concept that we do in shopping centers and locations over 300 sqm does provide to clients better atmosphere, game mix, marketing and most important better odds.
I believe we are no 1 company in Romania in giving the best winning odds to our clients!
➤ What is the structure of games that you have in the halls?
We put lot of emphasize on EGT, like almost 95% of the market, but at same time unlike some other companies, we do push also for the newest products of Novomatic and Casino Technology.

➤ The game mix is chosen globally (at corporate level) or for each hall?
I doubt if you find a company in our size that makes so many changes almost on monthly basis. It is a strategic decision of our company that in each hall we would tailor the best possible game mix. I believe at field level this is the only way that one can succeed.
We are aware of all the new releases of gaming products and we focus continuously to find new gaming solutions and innovations. We attend to all the major gaming exhibitions every year and we don’t hesitate to try latest trends in the industry.
Magic gaming halls are equipped with the newest slot machines and electronic roulette produced by the top slots manufacturers in the industry. We put strong emphasize on our slot and game mix, brand new cabinets with brand new games combined with the classic games that have made history on the European market
➤ How does the Magic network differ from other networks?
Magic is not supported by a big financial group, is just individual people that decided with limited amount of money to develop a new brand. In 4 years we were able to set up 22 casinos and another 2 signed, among them a major project of 2150 sqm in Mega Mall and 1030 sqm in Plaza Romania Mall. It is clear also to our visitors that the level of investment in details of renovation, concept and equipment is much higher than other companies on the market. I am sure every big company claims the same; I still believe I am not wrong when I say “we do it better”.

➤ What is the typical player for Magic halls?
Our clients are experienced players, with high expectations when it comes to game equipment, jackpots and prizes, luxurious venue design as well as high standard of services provided.
➤ What are the incentives chosen for the players?
We have a Magic formula made of:
Game mix
Happy hour
Running jackpots
Loyalty cards
Special events
Prizes consisting in luxurious cars.
Actually, we have just finished the Mercedes Cars Campaign, where we awarded 4 Mercedes cars and, starting with 1st of March, we will launch a super campaign in our flagship locations, Magic Mega Mall and Magic Plaza Mall, awarding 8 AUDI cars, Q2, Q3, Q5 and Q7.
➤ What is the biggest prize ever awarded in Magic halls?
We have awarded last year in Mega Mall 400.000 lei approx.
➤ What is the jackpot system used?
We use Newton jackpot system
➤ Why?
It is a very user friendly system and it is easy to implement.
Besides these advantages, we have a lot of support from the operational team, the staff is professional and we have access to decision makers.
➤ What was the biggest jackpot in Magic halls?
If I am not wrong, it was 75.000 lei, again in Mega Mall.

➤ What partner do you have for the sports betting sector?
We are “family” of Superbet group so obviously we use Superbet. I don’t think that there is a doubt that Superbet is the most professional betting provider in Romania and we think it is only natural that we use their services.
➤ What is the future of land-based games since online games are gaining more and more ground?
I personally believe that in the near future would not be big changes as the two activities can reside one next to another.
For the long term I believe would be changes but I am convinced the changes would still enable the more professional companies to co-exist with online.
➤ What does the Magic network do to attract the young generation to gaming venues?
We don’t aim in particular to young generation.
➤ Do you play?
➤ Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully creating a global company operating also outside Romania. To become the Magic we aim to be.

We wish you all the success!

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