The first steps on the path to changing behavior want to balance the wellness during playing with the malaise felt during a continuous pathological game.

It is not quite easy to get to those first steps, but not that hard either. In the ‘Responsible Gambling’ program, our stories are successful, as people accessing our platform have followed those steps and become the persons they wanted to.

I am positive that satisfaction will be the highest at the end of your journey.

I am writing this story for anyone who has a story related to the control of the compulsive desire of playing and for anyone who is concerned about finding solutions to change the gambling-related behavior, a change that is taking you to a healthy relation between a person and the game.

The lines below will clarify you how the gambling versus entertainment relation has been contorted and the level of motivation can be measured while changing.

If you are thinking to make this change, consider the following:

1. I should be ready to make changes in terms of my behavior while confronting the gambling.
2. It is important that, as I am reading this article, I can say that I have already started my preparation for the change in my behavior.
3. The satisfactions to come after the change will bring benefits to my life.
4. The steps that I am taking are small, yet decisive. If I track every step, I will become aware of it and I will be confident that I am not going back.
5. The freedom of not depending on anything is worth the efforts to make the change.
6. To pay the debts deriving from my compulsive gambling behavior will make me live in peace.

Leliana Pârvulescu, Psychologist

Have you paid attention to these ideas? You are only one step away from changing exactly what you want.

Motivation is a major factor in your path to change. And the level of motivation in every person will trigger the enthusiasm and the power of concentration. To have a constant and sufficient motivation, this is what matters most.

First of all, the evaluation of the motivation level can provide a starting point, followed by the increase of this level to an intensity that will trigger the maintenance of the desire for changing.

By means of exercises to raise the level of motivation, anyone can become in a short time a true specialist in dealing with the pathological gambling. The concept that every person is responsible for its own changes is imperative for the success of the change program. It is up to every single person to put into practice the techniques and the methods to be learnt from these lines or in the ‘Responsible Gambling’ program.

To be successful, it is necessary to spend daily time towards it, at the same hour, to do something that will raise your motivation for change. For instance, before going to bed at the end of the day or in a moment when you feel peaceful, just take two minutes to think about yourself and how would you want to be and imagine yourself in that position.

Be honest to yourself; acknowledge your actions, feelings, emotions, thoughts. It is not easy, mainly when there is a triggering factor for your behavior, which will bring back to your brain the state of confusion, pain, negative state of mind.

I will describe below an exercise to help you evaluate the motivation level for the change.


When I win, I feel that I am on top of the world.

To sometimes win gives me a very pleasant sensation and when I spend the money I have won is like I would spend some money I received as a gift.

The pathological gambling is sometimes like a ‘good friend’.
I have made a name for myself among the players and this makes me feel important.

I feel happy when I play.

When I am in the playing room, I feel no sadness, despair or I simply forget about my life problems.

I feel unhappy and sad when I spend more money that I own. And this makes me get into a dispute with my family.
I feel like an irresponsible parent when I lose the money that I could have used for my children.

I am ashamed when I think of how many lies I tell just to conceal the fact that I am a pathological gambler.
I feel that the pathological gambling is controlling me.

My friends have stopped trusting me, do not borrow me money and are drifting apart from me.

The feeling of pleasure is short but another one of despair follows, which takes much longer.

I get into debts and it is hard for me to pay them back.

After going through the list above, you can understand whether you feel the urge to make the change we were talking about. Just assess every PRO and AGAINST arguments, on a 1to 10 scale. And, of course, a high score on one of the two will help you figure out which way you are actually heading to.

Let’s solve another exercise, this time based on how to give up on the pathological gambling.

I do not have to lie to my family about my constant need for money.

I will have more money to spend for me.

I will spend more time with my family.

I will no longer feel ashamed when looking at myself in the mirror.

The opportunity to have a different social life can be something to look for.

I will have no reasons to get into any arguments with my family.


I have become so good at playing, even though I spend a lot of time over there.

I will have much time in my hands and I may not know what to do.

I have nothing to do during the week-end.

I will lose contact with my game friends, who are part of my life.

The need to find something that relaxes me at the end of the day.

There is no way out from reality for me.

What is your take after reading this list? It is worthwhile mentioning that the advantages or the Pro for the pathological game are short-termed and you need to understand that it is essential to have long-term benefits.

Until we meet next time, I will let you ponder over my story.

And wish you to live the Valentine’s Day free!

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