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A young and well-trained team at the helm of the National Gambling Office

By Mihnea Popescu-Grisogono

We must have a direct, constant and honest dialogue with all those involved in the field.

➤ Mr. Alin Teodor, you already have some experience in the field, in recent years you have worked in the ONJN, currently reaching the position of President, can you please tell us how you see the current leadership formula of which you are part?
We are a young team, which has a management strategy based on consolidating some essential pillars, on the part of ONJN with professionalism, integrity and impartiality and on the part of the operators by carrying out the activity within the limits imposed by law and in strict compliance with legal and fiscal obligations. We want to eliminate some of the old practices that we consider outdated, sometimes interpretable or that have even led to unhealthy discussions about the decisions that have been made and to make working procedures as transparent as possible.
We are open to dialogue precisely in order to be able to lead things to maximum efficiency, as is normal.

➤ Mr. Dan Ghiță, what other plans do you have?
In addition to the desire to make the institution more efficient, a very important aspect is that of digitalization, which has an important role.
We are trying to overcome the challenges that have arisen in this process and we hope to be able to implement a digital system that will lead to greater transparency and efficiency.


➤ Mr. Alin Teodor, what can you add?
Another subject that is part of our management plan of the institution would be that of ordinance 77.
We intend to revise and update the legislation, by clarifying or simplifying certain issues or adding new things.

➤ Mr. Dan Ghiță, what do you mean when you say new things?
For example, there are certain games that are not included or cannot be licensed due to the fact that they are not found in the legislation or if they are found, the legislation is not complete. For example, the raffle is found in the legislation, but the specialized departments subordinated to the office that are responsible for analyzing the documentation and licensing conditions have not been able to process the applications for licenses in the raffle because the legislation is not clear.

➤ Mr. Alin Teodor, can you add anything to this idea?
We will review the legislation in its entirety and where we consider it appropriate, we will make any corrections or additions.
We have some ideas, we will start a consultation with the specialized departments and with the decision-makers, at the same time a public consultation on this topic and when we have all the clear information we will make proposals.

➤ Regarding the technical order 404, what can you tell us, Mr. Alin Tudor?
On January 6, 2021, the 404 technical order was published in the Official Gazette of Romania, and unfortunately had some ‘leaks’.
By order 86 we tried to correct those things that were missing, which were important, for example the market was blocked due to the fact that type approvals could not be made or the inclusion of payment methods, mentioned by way of example, in accordance with the products already on the market. but also with technological progress.

A young and well-trained team at the helm of the National Gambling Office
ONJN team

➤ Mr. Narcis Godeanu, what can you tell us about preventing money laundering?
Another topic would be that of the order to prevent and combat money laundering, which is in the last phase of consultation with those involved, and in the next period we will have a draft that we put in decision-making transparency, after which a form will be reached. final ready to be adopted.

➤ Mr. Alin Teodor, what happens to the well-known uncovered days?
We have initiated discussions for the promotion of a draft emergency ordinance that includes the clarification of those uncovered days, ie between 16 and 18 May 2020, but also the possible exemption of certain types of games from the obligation to own a cash register, which in some cases may be redundancy.
We hope to be successful in promoting this project.

➤ Mr. Narcis Godeanu, what other important projects do you have on the agenda?
Another important project is that of responsible gaming.
In order to have a start, we must also have qualified staff in that department which currently has only 2 employees.
We initiated competitions for vacancies, unfortunately they did not fill.
We will resume the competition procedures and when the positions will be filled with competent people, we will be able to start projects.

➤ In terms of projects, can you add something, Mr. Dan Ghiță?
Another issue that we have in mind and that is very important is that of reviewing the legislation regarding the market monitoring system, which must be audited and certified, so that there are no more all kinds of questions hovering over the industry. Everyone wants this system, because gambling operators have nothing to hide. And on the part of state monitoring, things will be more transparent and clear, without leaving room for interpretations. We have already initiated consultations with the market, in the next period we have a calendar in which we will hold meetings of the Advisory Board where we will discuss in detail this very important topic.

A young and well-trained team at the helm of the National Gambling Office

➤ Mr. Dan Ghiță, during this period, the professional associations submitted certain proposals. Were the proposals submitted by the professional associations fair?
The purpose of professional associations is to best represent the interests of the gambling organizers they represent.
Naturally, they called for compensation and tax facilities to reduce the burden on gambling organizers’ costs affected by suspension measures and to ensure a safer and faster return for operators.
As a result of the reduction of revenues to the State Budget, corroborated with the increase of state expenditures during the state of emergency and alert, some of the measures could not be adopted.

➤ What do you think, Mr. Alin Teodor?
I believe, however, that it is important for the organizers affected by the activity restriction measures that, during the alert state, they do not owe fees related to the organization and operation of games since they are closed, including the addiction tax, these funds can be used for payment. other expenses, such as mainly staff costs.

➤ Mr. Narcis Godeanu, how do you think the organizers of traditional gambling will get over this period?
As the companies operating in other economic sectors, the organizers of gambling activities have also benefited from support measures until the resumption of activity; Despite the measures provided for in government programs to support the economy, some companies are expected to face major financial difficulties, which can lead to insolvencies, but we expect the industry as a whole to overcome this situation.

A young and well-trained team at the helm of the National Gambling Office
dan ghita Alin Teodor Narcis Godeanu

➤ Mr. Alin Teodor, during the state of alert will the activity of the National Office for Gambling take place in the normal parameters?
Taking into account the situation we are in, we have taken measures to protect, on the one hand, the ONJN staff and, on the other hand, the staff working in the companies in the field, by prohibiting the physical interaction between the two parties.
For some time we have resumed physical interaction when it was absolutely necessary, but with the aggressive evolution of the virus we face, we do not rule out limiting again, for a certain period, until we re-enter a downward slope, physical interaction.

➤ What can you tell us about this, Mr. Dan Ghita?
In this context, we make efforts to ensure that the activity is carried out normally and does not affect the activities in the field. Directly but especially from our page you can get updated information about the activity of the authority and the authorization meetings.

➤ Mr President, a final word.
We would like to emphasize the following very important aspect, namely that we are here to do our duty, and we appeal to all those who have something to say, added, complained, notified, etc .. to do it directly; We are open to any form of dialogue.

➤ And as a conclusion of the entire ONJN management team?
In order to be able to analyze and clarify possible undesirable situations or possible proposals that may lead to an improvement of the legislation, we must have a direct, constant and honest dialogue with all those involved in the field, concluded the three.

Thank you and good luck!

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