The carnivals in the past to casinos

Big Six Wheel, known as Wheel of Fortune, can be described as the precursor of the roulette. It is played with a vertical wheel, being the main attraction at the casinos in the USA and Australia.

It comes from very old times, since the soldiers were playing lottery with the things that had belonged to the enemies on the battlefield. The wheel has thus become one of the most fascinating place to have fun at various festivals and carnivals in the old times.

How to play

The vertical wheel includes a number of segments physically divided by spokes or pins,where every space is associated with a number. The wheel is spun by the dealier and the winning segment is indicated by a pointer stopping between the spokes of a space. These segments can use different symbols and have various money values should a symbol is selected. The most popular versions of Big Six Wheel is the one with the symbol of banknotes of 1, 2, 5 and 20 dollars, plus the joker and the casino logo engraved on it. Players wager on the symbols and every banknote pays at the odds multiplied with the banknote value.

The goal of the Big Six game, with 54 segments in the USA and 52 in Australia, is to guess against which group of segments on the wheel will the pointer stop. Players can wager on one or more numbers at the same time. Depending on the individual regulations of each casino, the joker and the logo pay 40 or 45 times at the odds.
People say that Big Six Wheel brings more profit to the casino than to the player, as the edge is between 11 and 24%. In spite of that, the game counts among the favorites of the casino first timers.

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