Born second time after motorcycle accident

He is one of the most envied fighters in the contact sports, both for his achievements and for personal life. He wants to keep the first position and become a role model for other sports people. He had the chance to talk about his plans, big yet realistic, in an exclusive interview for the readers of our publication,’ Casino Life & Business Magazine’.

– You are 23 and already a tiger in K-1. When did you have the first contact with the sport and decided to become a fighter?
– When I was 16, I went to a gym with my brother. He had been doing sports for two years already. Then, I saw a training session, liked it and I said to myself that it was about time to join them.

– You came back strong after the horrific motorbike accident last year, which made you keep a low profile for more than six months. How was that time for you?
– As a sport person, who enjoys being very active all the time, that ‚resting’ stretch put me down. I really wanted to go to the gym center, train, exchange opinions with my peers, to follow the path I had taken. It was truly difficult, but it is over now and I am moving on.

– Do you still ride your bike?
– To be honest, I will do it when I am done with the sport. I am more into sport and want to do big things here. I’d rather avoid my bike and God forbid something bad happens again. My first priority is sport, at least for the moment.

– Have you thought of quitting after that accident?
– No, not at all. On the contrary, I wanted to recover as fast as possible, to go back to the gym and train more.

– You are a 91-kg world champion in SuperKombat. What do you think being the hardest but most important game in your career?
– The game for the world champion title. It was really demanding, as I had a very good opponent, who fought fiercely. He was a real man and that was very good.

– People are setting you side by side with famous Remy Bonjaski, for your spectacular fighting style. What are your strengths in the ring?
– Everyone keeps telling me that I am very relaxed when I go up there. I think this is my ace in the sleeve – releasing all the stress and focusing on the game.

– You have had straight victories since 2011 and you are now in great shape. In Oradea, you defeated Italian Romano Romasco by KO and in Dubai you won over Iranian Eisa Ramezani. What is the next gala to fight in? Who will be your easy mark?
– The next gala will be on September 28. We do not know yet the name of the other fighter. Only that I will have to be there. Then, our promoter, Eduard Irimia, will find me a competitor and tell me to adjust my training to his, so that I can have a good game and, why not, to win it.

– Any future plans in sport for Bogdan Stoica?
– I want to train more and harder, so I can get higher than I am right now. I really wish to change my category, different in kilograms. I intend to remain in that place every sportsman wants, namely in the top.

– Do you have an idol in this sport, a role model to follow? Or do you want to be one?
– Of course I do, as any person doing sport. And maybe one day, I will be the one somebody else will be looking up to.

– What qualities are required from a K-1 fighter to become a great champion, like you?
– To be heart and soul for this sport. Also, to train really hard but be relaxed.

– Was the game against Ivan Stancic the most important in your life?
– Yes, sure it was. I became the world champion and scored a big point in my career.

– You are the one to set the record of the fastest KO, at ‚Bodyguardul – Fortele Speciale’ competition, where you kicked Andi Djurdevic out in eight seconds? How did that experience feel for you?
– Honestly, I did not expect that, did not see that coming. But something like this happens in sport, it is unpredictable. That was supposed to be. Honestly, these fights that end too soon by KO are not as good as they seem. You need to finish them standing, so that you are able to analyse them, to gain some experience. But, after all, it was a nice experience.

– But for him, how was the game?
– I believe that he lost all his self confidence. But, if he is a real sport about it, he should go farther. Anyone can go through a similar situation at any time. I have never heard about a sportsman not to have been KOed.

– Do you think that this 8-second KO gave you an aura of strength among your future rivals?
– I cannot say for sure. It will probably have a certain effect on my opponents, only that they will want to defeat me, to be ranked better, as it is in sport. In short, all the games must be taken seriously. It does not matter whether you won by one KO, 10, 15, all the fights are a battle and you need to mean business.

– You have fought 39 times. Your score is 36 wins, out of which 27 were KO. Do they fear you now? What is the vibe coming from them in the ring before the game?
– I do not think that there is any fear in this sport. Anyone in the ring wants to knock you down, to win the fight. I have seen some intimidated competitors and some others who were over-motivated to win over me. It all comes down to every person, their personality and ambition.

– You are part of Respect Gym team and trained by well-known and great coach Alin Panaite. What is your relation with him and how is a regular training day?
– We do have a very tight relation with our coach, all of us. He is very close to his students and we really love to be trained by him. Every training session is different and he is deeply dedicated to them. I really think he is the best coach of the present time in Romania, if not worldwide. Most of his students have had great achievements. As for the training itself, we go through a physical condition session in the morning and a technical one in the evening. They are all quite interesting.

– Your older brother, Andrei, he is himself a famous fighter. How do you get along with each other” Do you train together, ask for advice from each other before the games?
– Yes. We get along just great and help each other, especially in sport. We train together and we know each other very well, as we have been doing the same thing for a long time. He had already been involved in this sport before I started. We learn from each other during every training session.

– What is your greatest wish for 2013?
– It feels good that I am back in 2013, after the last year accident. I really want to get back to the shape I used to have. I have already fought twice, won them both and I need one more game to reach my goal.

– Do you any problems or feel any strain from the accident during the games?
– No, nothing is left from the accident. I recovered 100%, am ok. Only a bit of physical improvement for the games. Honestly, I am just like new healthwise, I am fit to keep fighting.

– A regular day in the life of Bogdan Stoica?
– Well, all of them are the same, except for the weekend. Two training sessions every day and some rest between them.

– This means that you are not a clubgoer or something like this?
– No, I am doing my best to avoid all this, so that I can remain the best at what I am doing. With two training sessions a day, going to the club in the evening and then training the next day – I could not handle it. I have chosen this path in sport and my job is to do my best to get as highest as possible.

– Any hobbies outside sport?
– My hobbies apart from sport….Well, well. What I would love to do is to ride my motor bike, but for now this is out of question.

– Do you think you were born the second time after the bike accident?
– Yes, of course. God has given me a new chance to life. Motor bike accidents are always fatal to the drivers.

– What about the love life for the ‚tough’ Bogdan Stoica?
– It is going very well. I have a girlfriend. We live together and I am positive she will be the one. We get along great and everything is wonderful.

– Should you go back in time, is there anything you regret for not having done?
– No, nothing so far. I have done everything I wanted to and I still have many things on my agenda from now on.

– What do you think the biggest challenge have you had in your life? Was it the accident?
– Yes, the motor bike accident. Plus, I had a car accident when I was 18 – I rolled over with the car then.

– In other words, you should not be out there, on the road?
– Pretty much yes. I remember trying to avoid a dog when my car skidded. With the motor bike, a car just cut me off coming from a side street, 1.5 meters in front of me. There was nothing I could have done. I had no experience in my first accident. Did not want to hit the dog, but now that I am thinking I should have done to keep myself safe. But I did not and I came upside down with the car.

– Have you ever played in a casino? If yes, share a little from your experience in gambling.
– No, I am not a gambler. I used to work in a casino, I saw what people lose over there and what is going on. When I am thinking of how hard I work for my money and it’s very likely you lose it at a casino. No, I don’t want it. Plus, I know luck is not on my side when it comes to gambling. Hence, I avoid playing. Again, I am not a gambler and will never be.

– A personal question now – are you afraid to walk alone through the notorious districts in Bucharest, at night?
– Not a bit. Nothing holds me from walking at midnight, 1 or 2 in the morning. It does not bother me at all.

– A final thought for the readers of our publication,’Casino Life & Business Magazine’.

– I advise them to do a lot of sport, since this is a beautiful activity that keeps you in good health and your life improves visibly. Sport gives you a better and longer life.

– Thank you and good luck!

– Likewise!

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