There is nothing without soul…

A TV star due to her popularity, Daniela Crudu showed that she can be a real pro. She put her personal touch oh each shows that she was involved in and turn them into real symbols. Here is what she stated, exclusively, in a special and very sincerer interview.

– What means to you that you are co-hosting Super Bingo Metropolis?

-Hi! I’m not co-hosting it! I don’t see myself as such! I like to believe that I’m just Daniela Crudu in a TV Super Show. And in a very important one. It is the only show from Romania which makes the people happy. And not one or two… but hundreds! It is beautiful to bring happiness and I love hearing the excited voices screaming: “Thank you, Super Bingo Metropolis! You are the best! “. Then I realize how cool is this show! Making so many people happy… it’s a great thing! We are a beautiful team – Cornel, Romica, Mihai, Mito, Stefania – and we do our best to make a super show! And we must not forget the technical team – people that you don’t see. Miki – Producer / Director, Elena – Program Director. And there are more: Ellida Toma / Cosmina Englizian – design & outfit, Lilian – styling…. Oh my God, how many are gathered here. All this people rely on me and sometimes it’s overwhelming me and I feel that I have to do more.

-How do the people see you in this position?
-I’m happy when the people a remembering the parts that I’ve played! They highly appreciated when I was painting together with Romica and Stefania, they appreciated that Sunday when I went fishing… you know, the people are stopping me on the street and tell me. Or… they are reciting very loud parts from the show while waiting at the traffic light. Then I know that the people had fun and this pleases me! It is very important to make their Sunday nice… make them laugh at least for 5 minutes.

-How is your cooperation with Mihai Mitoseru?

-Mito is a very serious guy. He is having a character that makes him different from all the other hosts. He knows how to say serious staff… smiling. I know him like a sensitive guy. He talks a lot about his girlfriend. Normally… when you watch TV… he looks unserious but you have to know that he is very serious. He is a man of his word, he is very serious and he does his job perfect. I cannot be like him… I’m like a butterfly, but his character impresses me.

-If you could play Bingo, would you buy the cards?
-Of, if I can only play! But the rules are very strict and we have to obey. Imagine that Mihai is taking out a card with my name on it and my phone starts ringing during the show. Romica and Cornel ask me to choose a number from the wall and… wow, it will be so funny! But I could be very happy, too. But you have to know that… last week, no, I’m wrong… ten days ago… I dreamed that I won at Super Bingo – Accumulated Bingo – Oh, my God, I woke up so happy and my day was perfect!
Coming back to your question, yes, I would buy cards because I know how serious and honest this game is and if you are lucky and your card is picked up… then God is looking at you!

-Which Super Bingo winner impressed you most and why?

-I was impressed by that people who are saying that they had bank installments and they weren’t able to pay. I was impressed by that people who are saying that they are splitting the prize with their family and help others. That shows us that our audience is of high quality, people full of kindness and this for sure impresses me. To see people spreading their wellness. I’m impressed when people a thanking us because their life has changed. Some are screaming, some are so modest and just whisper: Thank You Super Bingo Metropolis. In their simple way! But I’m happy together with them.

-Do your colleagues make jokes on your account?
-Ha, ha, ha! We, like a team… do jokes all day long! But the colleagues are making jokes with me … not on me. And also the people from the street are, too. One day I was buying bread and the man in front of me told to the cashier: “Daniela will pay for my bread… because she works for Super Bingo!” I loved it! That means that people are watching me and are aware that in our show some are winning lots of money. So, I answered him that when I’ll win… I’ll buy him the entire bread shop! We all had a laugh! Romanians are very happy and trust their luck. After a few days I have met the same guy and he told me that he bought cards and if he will win… then he will buy me a chocolate shop. Isn’t that beautiful how people are!

-What would you desire most and you don’t already have it?

-I wish … they change the rules and allow me to play Super Bingo Metropolis!!!  Come on, at least once! Come on, just once! Come on!!! Hmmm, am I allowed next week!?

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