Laura Bosneag

Laura Bosneag, Sales Manager of Novomatic Romania and winner of the Popularity Award of the Romanian Gambling Industry for 2020

We need to adapt to the current situation and find effective solutions

➤ What does this award mean to you? Did you expect?
The award was a real surprise to me. All I wanted, when I accepted the invitation, was to convey to our industry partners that we are with them, regardless of the circumstances, even in such unpredictable situations. The number of views was a confirmation that those we work with needed our support, communication and understanding.

➤ Why do you think the interview with you was so watched?
The period in which it was made perfectly suited the context. Whether it was business or personal life, people had almost lost their bearings. At the same time, we were all hoping to wake up the next day as if from a bad dream, and things would return to normal. It was obvious that it can’t be that simple, so every informed opinion, especially in the context in which you feel that your business is in danger, is like a breath of fresh air. I think the audience appreciated that I was open, transparent and optimistic.

➤ If he wasn’t in quarantine, do you think as many people would have looked at him?
NOVOMATIC Romania has always chosen to communicate to partners and customers only essential information to support them. I think that, regardless of the context, we could have found many other interesting topics to debate and that would be to the liking of the show’s audience.

Laura Bosneag, Sales Manager of Novomatic Romania

➤ What are your plans for 2021 – business / personal?
Last year left us with many lessons, so I keep the optimism I used to. As we have already announced, we remain with partners with dedicated offers, specially designed to support partners.
Personally, I want to return to a normal pace of life, but that will only decide time. Therefore, I believe that we need to adapt to the current situation and find effective solutions so that we can get over this pandemic.

➤ Do you want something specific for this year?
The challenges of the pandemic remain high and require us, at least in the first half of the year, to remain cautious about long-term plans. I hope that this year will bring us more stability and we will be able to pass well, as soon as possible.

➤ Do you think you could win this award again?
Let me understand that a new challenge is being launched. (laughs) I accept, the final result remains to be seen. What I can say for sure is that we will find an interesting approach for the public this time as well.