Casino Casa Vernescu
Casino Casa Vernescu

by Andreea Ion – Marketing&PR Manager Palace Casino Casa Vernescu

Palace Casino Casa Vernescu continues the season of changes! We know, we have said it a lot. But it is true and then why wouldn’t we repeat it? How could we describe otherwise all the novelties which we have had in 2019? We are sure that we are the first ones who have dared to offer NO LIMIT bets (No limit ante, No limit bonus) or 500 euros maximum bet on straight-up at American roulette. The events and marketing actions have always been a success, and the clients’ feedback has helped us develop and valorize the potential of a location as Casa Vernescu. An important investment has taken place in the modifications of organization of the activity, such key points as the cash desk or the Restaurant have been relocated to places which are more accessible for Palace clients. One of the important factors of the 2019 strategy has been the increase of quality and satisfaction after the services. The main gaming area has been refurbished, receiving an authentic bar, with all the services offered faster, at the immediate requests of the clients.
The next step towards the increase of the services quality is related to the “Food” area. The majority of people know the fact that in a live casino, in Romania, any person who enters can benefit for free of the Food & Beverage services. This thing has functioned as normal as possible for a period of time, but, unfortunately, many times people have abused of the free services.
After a long analysis of what can be done versus the impact on the services quality, the management team of Palace Casino has decided to change this segment too. Thus, since autumn we will have novelties in this direction. It will be a long process, probably, not very easy to be done, but we are convinced that the result will be what we want: the possibility of increase of services on the Food & Beverage segment for Palace Casino clients.
All the details about the new concept of “Restaurant Area” by Palace Casino will be revealed in August. Meanwhile, together with the Casino Life & Business Magazine we have began a series of 100% real, short video presentations on the YouTube channel “Casino Magazine”. Subject? Maybe one of the most viewed on the YouTube channels – Chef’s Secrets. We can say that Vincenzo is part of our team for a long time and he is for us an ideal Executive Chef. With experience in Horeca and in the Food – casino land – based area, Enzo has prepared fondly and passionately a full menu which can be discovered daily by the Palace clients. Until then, in the series “Chef’s Secrets”, we can reveal easy to prepare meals and recipes. We want and we believe that we have succeeded in offering the clients a full experience.

But it is important – for us – that the message which we send to those who have not visited us to be complex, as the lived experience. We encourage permanently the responsible game, we are helping those who want to find more details about this project and, for sure, we are near everyone who want our help. We want that each tutorial, or each post from the social media sends the same idea in which we believe: we are a high – class entertainment location. We are a Palace, a small casino as the one from Monte Carlo, where we like to believe that we have succeeded in assuring a pleasant atmosphere, a unique game experience, an entertainment area, and soon a place in which you can come to discover the new menu structured by a team of professional people, especially for those who want to taste special meals.
Find out the details remaining with us, on the official Facebook page: Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu Bucharest or on Instagram Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu. We are waiting for your questions or suggestions, because we know that we can grow together! We wish you a beautiful and lucky summer!

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