By: Andreea Ion – Marketing&PR Manager

Have you ever been in a live casino? If not, maybe we should describe this experience for you. If you did, then you will certainly wish to pay a visit to Casa Vernescu. In a world of technology, of online experience, maybe we are surprised to see that there still is a casino where people are, apparently, “old-fashioned”. But, in fact, day by day, more and more people feel the need to connect with the others, to spend time with friends in a place where they share the same passions.
In a live casino friendship are born. And it is not only about the sensorial part we are talking about here, but the trust that the clients have in a professional team. Did you know that every 20 minutes the dealer at the gambling table changes? This means that every 20 minutes one interacts with someone else’s gambling style. Or, as the clients would say: you switch your luck.
Even if there are so many online options, nothing compares to the unique experience of gambling live, in a casino, next to your friends! Happiness is shared! Sadness is expressed! The recipe for success: the client feels well in a familiar environment, even if sometimes one’s bets fail. The smile of a beautiful girl, an encouragement from a waitress or maybe a joke from another client from the gambling table, all these make him feel good. At Palace Casino we have tried, and succeeded, I may say, to combine all the advantages we have at disposal, to unite them and to offer them to the client. It is the only casino which disposes of a 2000 sqm parking area on Calea Victoriei, put at the clients’ disposal free of charge, regardless of the time assigned. Maybe even a shaded place during hot summers.
In fact, it is the only location on Calea Victoriei with such a generous parking area. Card games or American roulette are the same in all the casinos. Then, the only choice for the Marketing Department is to create a product which will attract the player. Probably this is the great challenge of all those involved in this field of land-based casino. The Palace Casino team offers what the others don’t have. A mixture of products and atmosphere at the Palace. Even from the entrance one can find out that “A King is not complete without his Queen”, and one can even identify oneself with one of the characters.
What we cherish the most is the client’s experience. How do we know that we have succeeded? If he returns to us – in the case of a local client, or if we get a positive review on TripAdvisor or on other media channels. Getting a favorable review from a client with losing bets, that is even a greater gratitude. We will also approach Social Media in other articles as well, precisely because our industry, that of gambling – is an atypical one.

Daily promotions encourage those who come to participate, to win, to have fun. A decisive factor in this period is the need of receiving a present without doing anything in addition. The most successful campaigns were those in which the clients were compensated for their usual actions, without asking for additional bets or actions. The buffet and drinks protocol is free of charge for all the players. This is something completely new in Europe, which, unfortunately, determines some of the tourism agencies to promote this as a sort of “all you can eat and drink” . For us, the effort of offering a high standard of the product quality is appreciated by all the clients who come and enjoy the products of our team of chefs. Diversity, complexity or simplicity, products free of port meat, under the careful supervision of an Italian chef. A “fusion” appreciated by local clients and by tourists as well, who mainly come here in weekends. Doubtlessly, the fact that you are at Palace Casino and you can spend your time having fun, will make you come back.
At least this is what we, the Palace team, believe.