The ultra-performant and the most fascinating technologies, the spectacular design and highest performance are greeting you at the EGT booth of Entertainment Arena Expo. Come between 4th and 6th September 2017 at booth no. 401 to discover gambling thrills, to experience the innovations and to enjoy the fabulous and unique entertainment shows.
Over 75 gaming stations will be the stars of EAE 2017: slot cabinets, jackpot systems, roulettes, multiplayer terminals and the largest array of devices for online gambling – all artfully presented at EGT booth during EArena Expo.
The most popular EGT titles for slots are now available online also! Cross the boundaries between offline and online with our EGT Interactive portfolio that will present over 80 games compiled from the top – popular land-based EGT games. Adapted to Romanian regulations, the EGT Interactive portfolio will show case the latest innovations in online gaming technology, creating, for the 3 days of exhibition, the greatest gaming experience you’ve ever seen.
EGT Interactive is represented in over 65 countries, having a steady growth in Romania, with strong partnerships. The games have been developed using the latest state-of-the-art technologies, with captivating graphics and highly efficient mathematics models. EGT Interactive crafts advanced online gaming software and solutions which have been chosen by some of the biggest online casinos worldwide.

We are bringing the pleasure of the most popular EGT titles from land-based to the online gaming world. With most of the games developed in html5 and available also on mobile, EGT Interactive is expecting you to play #Anytime #Anywhere. But especially at EArena Expo 2017. Give your players more value in their online gaming experience with EGT Interactive portfolio!
What else can you experience at EGT booth? The worldwide renowned and aficionados-favored P-27/27 St, P-27/27 St Slim and P-27/32H St slot machines models, alongside the newest generation of Curved models: P-42V Up Curved and P-42V St Curved, as well as the Super Premier and the new addition to the same line: Super Premier 75 models.
The Fu Gui Rong Hua jackpot system will introduce you to Asian culture, ready to grant player with the chance to glory, splendor, riches and prestige by hitting more than one of its jackpot levels at a time. With the maximum only reachable when wagering at 88 credits, regardless of the bet multiplier, betting higher increases the pay table winnings.
Together with Fu Gui Rong Hua, you will see also the 4 Happy Hits and Premium Link jackpot systems. 4 Happy Hits jackpot system includes two jackpots – a 4 level, mystery, local area or standalone area progressive and a linked, symbol driven progressive.
The Premium Link jackpot is common for all Euro Games Technology products and games that are based on Exciter III, Exciter II and Exciter platforms, offering the option of a mystery jackpot of one, two or three level that is common for all denominations and the opportunity for a progressive jackpot for maximum four levels that correspond to a specific denomination. Premium Link uses EGT Rainbow jackpot panel to display the jackpot values, shown also on the second or the third monitor of the cabinets.
Red Collection and Union Collection mixes are also debuting at EArena Expo this year. Red Collection, part of Collection Series, has recently obtained Romanian Type Approval and it includes 48 titles out of which 23 completely new and definitely exciting games.
Union Collection, also part of Collection Series, is a compilation of live, automated and virtual roulettes plus 45 of the most popular EGT titles.
EGT Multiplayer division brings out the big guns with Premier R8 Roulette and a configuration of 5 Stork multiplayer terminals with an automated roulette wheel.
The interaction and fun are provided at a highest level with Premier R8, with its 8 gaming positions, each gaming position equipped with 23” wide-screen LCD-TFT touch monitor and high quality live video streaming of the wheel on every play station.
With unlimited customization options, sleek design and unique versatility, Stork is a very beloved multiplayer terminal. Stork has a 22” wide-screen LCD-TFT touch monitor and real time in screen HQ video streaming, come supplied with Union Collection multigame mix featuring 45 of the most popular EGT titles next to live, automated and virtual roulettes.
Intelligent and easily accessible Casino Management System options!
EGT presents you modular solutions for you to customize the CMS as you wish to. Pyramid CMS and Spider CMS are the two casino management systems ready to show you how easy day-to-day operations can be.
We will fuse the excitement of innovative technology with the thrill of good entertainment, exploring the artistic attributes of state-of-the-art shows by combining outstanding choreography with some unique performances that will bring everybody to the edge of virtual and reality.
We are looking forward to meeting you at EGT booth no. 401, starting with 4th of September.
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