Be ready to go to great lengths with your partners, as the disagreements between you might lose you a lot of money. Gains from gambling are very likely, mainly for both ends of this interval.

Your business skills will be visibly improving. Creativity will give you some help with extra cash.

This is a good time for your finances, as you will be succesful in anything you will try your hand at. The financial speculations, in moderation, will prove to have a good motivation.

Someone in your close circle may give you a piece of information that, if used appropriately, could turn into good cash.

The social activities may give you material leverage. In fact, there are chances for you to meer people who will be quite useful in the near future.

Expenses are still high and you should be careful, since any financial risk could bring you a great inconvenience.

It is very likely you will make money out of association or partnership relations. What you have to do is not to bow down to your spur-of-the-moment-ness and think twice before making any investments.

Your overseas contacts will give you the upper hand and so will bring the trips, with new opportunities for making money. Should you are thinking of investments, things will go upward, provided that you do not expect overnight earnings.

You are going through a time of turmoil, financially speaking. Involvement in various business affairs sounds quite tempting, and so does spending for entertainment. Prudence should be your slogan for now!

Spending some money for your household is more than probable. Parents or another close relative might be in need for money and you could simply not disappoint them.

Your interest in material affairs is surging during this interval. You will be tempted to get involved in a more special business, but it would not hurt you to be more cautious.

You might need to spend some money, but against your will. On the other hand, a sum of money longtime owed to you could be deposited into your account in the second half of the interval.

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