A strong will and speed helped me…..

National champion in Local Kombat, the winner of the professionist K1 European belt

Hello Cristian Milea and thank you for allowing us to do this interview together, in exclusivity for Casino Life & Business Magazine.
Hello and thank you for your being so supportive of us.

You are 26 and already a big name in the kickboxing world. What do you think to be your greatest achievement or it is not a singular one in your career?
First of all, I would like to thank to our fans, all the sports people in Romania and to all the readers of your magazine. As far my greatest achievement in my 15-year career is winning the professionist L1 European belt and also the National Local Kombat title.

What was your most difficult game?
I cannot think of ‘the most difficult game’ so far, as all of them have been tough, some of them posed some problems – but I deal with them equally. A game can be harder if you are not in your best shape on that specific day.

How did you take up on kickboxing? How did you start this sport 15 years ago?
I was 12 back then and playing the accordion in the school choir…It was my lucky fate to be singled out by the sport coach and this is how I started doing this sport.

Did your family support you, ever since the beginning of your career?
My mother did not like the idea of kickboxing but she used to it in the meantime. My father, though, has always approved what I was doing, he was the one to take me to the training classes. Now, they both watch my games on TV and they are fully supportive.

When you started, did you have an idol in kickboxing you were looking up?
Like any child, I was fascinated by these sports and the fighters I saw on TV. The idols came along the line, in time.

How did you end up with the nickname of THE FASTEST?
This name comes from my ability to hit – I can say that my speed is very good for my category, I am a fast fighter.

For the year of 2014, what is your agenda?
So far, I do not know. I am training at TAI SHIN DO GYM CLUB, along with my instructor, Master Florin Mînă, twice a day… as I told you, I am a national champion in Local Kombat for the 70 kg category, but the games are very rare. To fight in 2-3 games a year, I really cannot improve. I am ready to fight all the time, but unfortunately the challenges are missing – I need as many more games as possible. This year I only had a game against the Dutch champion, whom I defeated. He was even counted….I am looking forward to be called by Mr. Eduard Irimia for a new Super Kombat gala, to prove again that I am the Romanian champion for my category.

How do you get along with your instructor?
You have to have a strong relation with the person training you – in fact, all depends on every person how he feels it. To be honest, I get along very well with my instructor and everything goes by the book. The fact that I have been in this ‘business’ for 15 years now says it all. You have to stand strong and put all your efforts in this sport to reach a higher level – of course, you have to listen to the instructions and recommendations of your trainer.

You are a top fighter at this moment. What qualities should a fighter have to get here?
A strong will and speed helped me. Besides these, you still need to be serious-minded. The sportsman, the fighter must have an objective, a goal that he should be able to reach. Plus, you have to have physical abilities –you need a good shape and strong psychic to face the challenges. Not to mention the training sessions. But to get to the top, you also require people to promote you – unfortunately, they are rare or missing in Romania. For example, I am a confirmed number 1 in Romania for the 70 kg category and I hope to have as many games as posible in SuperKombat.

What piece of advice would you give to the beginners, for their first training sessions?
To start with, I urge the young people to get involved in sport, to come to their training sessions. At their age, the risk to run astray is high and sport helps them to go in the right direction. I would advise them to practice this sport, to comply with all the rules and they will have results, if they persevere and have ambition and train well.

What are your hobbies?
I like swimming, taking trips – they help me a lot in my sport career.

For your personal life, what is your greatest wish?
To be healthy, to have a family whom I can financially support from my sport earnings.

Should you start your career now, would you do the same thing?
Yes, 100 %. I would not even think twice for that.

What is it that you have not managed to accomplish in your career so far?
There is always room for better – to have a higher level for the competitions, to be promoted more often and farther.

Have you ever walked or played in a casino?
I did both, for entertainment. I am not a dedicated casino or a gaming room player. I do not have a close connection with this world of gambling. You have to know how much to play and, above all, when to stop.

What is your opinion about Casino Life & Business Magazine?
I am familiar with the magazine, I read a few editions of Casino Life & Business Magazine. I like it a lot and I think that it is the best.

Thank you for your time and good luck in your career.

Thank you, too, for having invited me to this interview.

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