The Baum games arcade hosted by the city down the Feleac Hills, located on Nicolae 165 Titulescu Street, was inaugurated with a concert of Lidia Buble

The longest lasting Romanian company in the gambling industry opened its first gambling hall BAUM GAMES in Cluj, in March 2016.
Thus, the players in Cluj have for the first time the opportunity to enjoy a great experience that only in the halls of the Translyvanian company one can find. We say this because the elegance of BAUM GAMES can not be matched, and this due to the 23 year old experience it has on the Romanian market.

Thursday, March 10, 2016, in the presence of many players in Cluj Napoca, at 7pm, the first hall BAUM GAMES under the hill of Feleac located on 165 Nicolae Titulescu street, was inaugurated with a concert of Lidia Buble.
The bar and the generous space destined to watching sports events attracted a large number of sports fans from the very first night. They have 5 betting terminals at their disposal, where, in real time, they could bet on sporting events taking place at that moment.
The outstanding odds of bets offered to players and safety are guaranteed by the BAUM company itself, the owner and producer of the BAUM BET autonomous terminals.

baum salabaum slot

The 24 machines slot-machine hall on Titulescu Street meet the tastes of the most discerning players, including both older-generation devices, which the players have become accustomed to and also slot machines manufactured in 2016. The hall of BAUM GAMES Cluj is the only one in the city that provides players with slot-machine devices produced this year.
BAUM seriousness is recognized for decades and constitutes one of the reasons why players from Transylvania choose the gambling halls of this company. Another reason is the fact that it is among the few companies which pay any win, no matter how big it is, to every lucky player.
With the arrival in Cluj Napoca of the BAUM GAMES halls for the first time, players receive a loyalty program based on bonus cards. This card can be owned by any player who wants it and requests it and the benefits are countless: from accumulating bonus points for every RON they bet and up to supplement earnings of 5 to 10 percent on jackpots, depending on the type of card. Moreover, participation in sweepstakes, for those having this card is done automatically, tickets will be issued directly into the box and having already printed on player’s data. Besides that, this revolutionary automated system to participate in sweepstakes is unique in Romania!

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The 4 Dracula special jackpots immediately attracted the attention of players from Cluj who noticed that, for example, the Global Dracula awards prizes of almost 40,000 lei and the Lucky Tournament is the only one of its kind in the city. At the onset of the tournament the players are trained to participate in a timed race against each other.
Like other dozens of BAUM GAMES halls in Transylvania, the one in Cluj Napoca is open non-stop and awaits the players any day and at any time, whether you want to unwind by playing slots or you want to see a soccer game and bet on live while sipping a cold beer or simply to enjoy the best coffee in town!


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