“Gambling is entertainment and should be promoted and understood as such.”

The former legendary footballer joins Dracula the vampire, the established symbol of the company in Ardeal, and will represent the image of the most powerful 100% Romanian brand in the gambling market.

Currently in London at ICE Totally Gaming 2018 former international player, Ionel Ganea, granted an exclusive interview for the readers of Casino Life & Business Magazine, in which he talked about the recent “transfer” to the team BAUM. The ex-footballer has signed a three-year image partnership with one of the strongest gaming brands in our country, BAUM Games.

➤ Ionel, what does it mean for you to “play” in the BAUM team?
I am proud to be the ambassador of this brand for the next three years and I am convinced that we will have a nice collaboration. BAUM is a 100% Romanian brand of tradition, built in Romania and addressed to Romanians. The more commendable is that this local brand managed, in time, to overcome the country’s borders and develop successful operations in Latin America and Africa.

➤ What do you think was the most important criterion that BAUM took into account when they chose you to represent their image?
Supporters are big fans of gambling, this is a known fact, so it makes sense if you have a business in this field, to choose a high performance sports celebrity, but also with a strong positive image who represents your business and passes the right messages into public space. I’m glad BAUM chose me. It means I was an athlete who meant something to Romania.

➤ We want to find out about your opinion about gambling in general …
I admit that until recently I did not have much contact with this field, but through our partnership with BAUM, I had access to more information. Gambling is fun and must be promoted and understood as such. So, beyond representing BAUM, I believe it is important that I also convey a call for accountability/responsibility to all those who practice gambling. As it is called, gambling brings the player between having good luck or bad luck. The only bad luck I see here is just not to know when to stop …

➤ Let’s talk about football too. How does the current situation of Romanian football seem to you?
Unfortunately, it is in a very pronounced decline. There are so many problems that I do not know what I should start with. For example, the number of teams has been reduced too much, and this leads to a limited selection pool … There is much to say and I do not know if you have enough publishing space. (smiles sadly)

➤ However, what do you think is Romanian football currently lacking the most?
I think the main cause of the current state is the lack of leaders who come from football, who have a relevant experience to put in the service of football. I refer here both to the leaders of the Romanian Football Federation and also to the leaders of the clubs.

➤ Will we ever qualify again for a final tournament?
It seems to me that the FRF made a good choice when they named Cosmin Contra as the coach of the natonal team. The national team is playing consistently with him on the bench. Otherwise, hard to say and difficult to advance predictions. For now, I just say I hope to qualify.

➤ Ionel, thank you for your time and we are already convinced that you will be very successful in this new posture as the ambassador of the BAUM brand.
I thank you as well.

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