DRGT is now the system supplier behind the biggest jackpot system in Switzerland.

The SWISS JACKPOT is a wide-area jackpot that can be played in seven different casinos. Players at Grand Casino Bern, Baden, Luzern, Basel, St. Gallen, Lugano and Zürich can all participate in it. It is the largest and most exciting jackpot in Switzerland.

Given its popularity, the system behind it naturally has to be very secure. The Swiss Jackpot management team was looking to introduce a brand new feature. DRGT was able to develop and introduce this feature within weeks. This feature is essential and this was a prerequisite for gaining the Swiss Jackpot systems management contract. The flexibility, focus and drive of the DRGT team further impressed the Swiss Jackpot team.

The switch to DRGT took place in December 2015. Mr. Ernesto Sommer, President of Swiss Jackpot, is full of praise for the DRGT team, “My sincere thanks goes to DRGT – firstly in their swift response and willingness to further develop their system to fit our particular needs at Swiss Jackpot and secondly in the team’s untiring commitment to ensure the timely installation. We are extremely pleased with the DRGT system and look forward to a long-standing partnership with DRGT for our systems requirements”.

Mr. Christian Eder, Operations Director at DRGT, enthuses, “We are very proud to have won the Swiss Jackpot systems contract. DRGT is a household and trusted name in Switzerland. We are innovators and do not rest on our laurels. We completely understood the purpose of the new feature requirement and were able to deliver this in the space of a few short weeks. The installation in December ran smoothly. The fact that seven top Swiss casinos place their trust in DRGT speaks volumes on our system stability, flexibility and level of service”.

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