DRGT systems completely comply with the ONJN gaming law

DRGT is the experienced provider of systems solutions to the Romanian gaming market. Already to-date DRGT systems connect more than 7,000 gaming machines here. This number is steadily growing. Every day many operators are making use of DRGT systems technology. DRGT completely fulfills the ONJN law. All gaming machines will have to be connected to a system by the end of this year.

DRGT is fully acquainted with the ONJN law and complies with all aspects. As stated in the law itself, ‘each piece of gaming equipment connected, the location in which it is being operated, total participation fees collected and total prizes awarded, including jackpots…. it contains, reports and permits access to information regarding: the total participation fees collected each day, the total prizes awarded each day, and evidence of the interconnected terminals within the system’ – this is all possible with DRGT.
The reasons to choose DRGT are compelling: DRGT is an independent systems company and thus completely focuses its research and development on supporting operators with their systems needs.
DRGT can connect all slots with serverless technology – this means that DRGT systems can be quickly and professionally connected to your gaming machines. All the necessary information is contained within the drSMIB within the slot machines. The day-to-day costs are reduced – managing the DRGT is simple to carry out – no expensive IT staff are required for this.

DRGT has partnered with DSGT in Romania and DSGT can immediately support all Romanian customers. Furthermore, DSGT has two subsidiaries – in Bucharest and in Iasi.

Kai Dieckhaus, CEO of DSGT notes, “DRGT systems tick all the boxes and more for operator requirements. The only box left – that of having local support – has now been ticked and we are very excited to support the Romanian gaming market with our experienced team. We are here to advise customers and ensure that their slots are connected to the system to comply with all ONJN requirements”.
Local 24/7 support in the local language – this makes the DRGT offer now complete. The DRGT system is flexible and modular – operators choose the modules required and can build upon this at any time.

The typical initial requirement is for accounts control – this is managed by drAccounting. Many operators in Romania either offer or wish to offer the possibility to participate in jackpots on their slots. Jackpot linking is a speciality at DRGT and DRGT offers expertise in wide-area progressives. In Romania there are many locations connected together over a wide-area progressive. The more machines that are linked together means the more exciting the jackpot can be. In addition to this, DRGT can offer ‘multiple jackpots’ – that means a number of different jackpots that can be won in different ways on the same gaming machines. This variety gives
players more challenges in getting that special win.
Operators and players can connect better together thanks to drScreen. Operators can make use of the slot screen – so turning this alive to communicate directly with the player. Do you want to offer a special promotion to your customer, thank him or her for their loyal support, offer them discounts at the bar, even provide a TV connection on the screen so the player does not have to miss that all-important football match when enjoying gaming at your location? All this and more is provided via drScreen. Not only that – the player tracking screen can be used with the drScreen- Mini (6.2” screen) or drScreenMicro (3.2” screen).
Player tracking information is another key benefit that can be made used of. This applies to both slot machines and live tables (with dr- TableManager).

DRGT is a global systems company that is changing the way operators view systems – the DRGT systems offer so much more alongside their secure slot information link to the ONJN. The intuitive software behind the ingenious systems invites operators to spend more time to be able to communicate with their players more. Players return where they are made to feel special and this personal link to the players directly at the slot machine is made possible by DRGT.

Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of DRGT, underlines the global support that DRGT offers and how Romanian operators can benefit, “The reason we are the fastest growing systems company in the global gaming industry relates to the sheer amount of benefits we offer from our system that is simple to operate yet very secure in its operation. Our technology can be quickly integrated – we have much experience in doing this with operators around the world. Thus, we have the capacity and know-how to support the Romanian operators in their needs to adopt a system by the end of this year and then – just as importantly – to make full use of it. We treat our customers as our partners and are here for them. We advise our customers on how best to make use of our systems.
We work hand-in-hand and are here for the long term. This is greatly appreciated by our customers and we are offering this service in Romanian as well of course. Now we have completed our plans for Romania by appointing DSGT as our service partner here.
This local 24/7 support completes the reasons why operators can and should choose DRGT”.

The contact details for the DRGT partner in Romania is: D-Systems Gaming Technology SRL. The contact person is: Mr. Kai Dieckhaus – email: kai@dsgt.org.


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