A massive $32 million betting scam has been uncovered at the Crown Melbourne Casino in Australia.

According to the Herald Sun newspaper the scam involved the casino’s surveillance cameras and an overseas gambler playing in the VIP lounge of the casino.

Details are a little vague at present as Crown say that they are still investigating the incident that apparently happened two weeks ago.

The Herald says the scam involved the same method as was portrayed in the George Clooney, Brad Pitt movie “Oceans 11”.

In that film the gang hacked in and controlled the casinos surveillance cameras, in the real scam the customer playing was fed information via a wireless radio on what the surveillance cameras could see from other player’s cards.

Although still unconfirmed a CCTV operative has been suspended in the last two weeks since the scam was discovered, although this is not clear if related to the scam in question.

A 2010 Victorian Law Reform Commission report said Crown’s Dallmeire Electronic CCTV system was “one of the most advanced, complex and comprehensive” in the state.

The mystery customer involved in this massive scam has been reported to have returned to their home overseas and not now in Australia.

Crown are not saying much at this time as they are still investigating but if the sum is correct is the biggest ever scam in the history of the casino.

The only comment Crown did make was they were confident that a large portion of the proceeds would be recovered, they believed.

Source: gaming-awards.com

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